Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week

25 Dec

It’s already time for my next installment of “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week”… seems like it’s already come so fast.  It’s probably because I haven’t posted anything in between the last one and this new one.  But, hey, it’s the holidays….I’ve been on break.

Anyways, this week’s winner was easy.  For Christmas Eve dinner this year, the fam decided that we would each provide an appetizer and that would constitute our dinner (my, aren’t we so grown up now – making appetizers and contributing!).

All I need to say is that everyone really pulled through and we had quite the impressive spread.  Here’s a taste(or at least a picture – I wish you were able to taste because it was truly delicious!).

Here’s Zaboo frantically trying to finish up and make some last minute tweaks to her and Joel’s appetizer.  They made some roasted red pepper hummus that was delicious with some toasted pita bread!  Joel also provided a cheese plate and some sausauge.

Here we have Jubly and Ethan helping mom arrange some of the appetizer plates.  They made some really good meatballs that they hit with a little spice but then cooled down with some crushed pineapple in the marinade and then set in the crockpot for the afternoon.  They also made a dessert cheese dip that was a cream cheese base and then hit it with some heath toffee.  Dip some graham crackers in that, and it will satisfy your sweet tooth!

Here we see some hungry kids digging in….a perfect time to mention that the parents carried their own weight as well.  They provided a little shrimp cocktail tray, and some great roasted red pepper dip.  This dip had a great little kick near the end which made it perfect for dipping with some nice crisp, cooling zucchini spears (or tortellini – but I’m a spear kind of guy!).

Here we have Wendy and me – enjoying the fruits (or appetizers!) of our labors.  But don’t worry, I carried my own weight and provided a couple of appetizers as well that seemed to be a hit.  I made the chicken enchilada soup that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago (just as good this time!), and really outdid myself (#humblebrag) with some homemade bruschetta.  The bruschetta and chicken enchilada soup were both big hits with everyone.

All in all, it was a great, piecewise meal.  Everyone pitched in and everyone enjoyed the results!  A new family tradition that promises to be around for a while!

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One response to “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week

  1. Emily Brown

    December 26, 2011 at 2:51 PM

    #notsohumblebrag. so impressed with yourself! haha



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