Fare thee well, old friend…

30 Jan

Not long ago, I came up with a little idea.  I honestly don’t remember what exactly inspired it, but one way or another it came to me.

The idea was simply this:  I wonder what it would be like to go a full month without drinking.  I realized that since I had begun drinking, I hadn’t gone a month without it.  That certainly doesn’t mean that I go out and get drunk every night or even every week.  And I don’t feel like I have to drink to have a good time.  But hey, I’m young and living in a college town where bars/restaurants are one of the main facilitators of entertainment which means that a lot of activity involves drinking.  And I tend to find myself drinking.

So for whatever reason, I thought it would be interesting to go a month without drinking.

It seems like drinking is one of those things where lots of people say, “Sure, I could easily go as long as I wanted without drinking.”  Honestly, I’ve said the same.  So now, I’m going to actually do it.

This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stay in and be a recluse for a month.  I’m not cutting out social activity or even going to bars/restaurants.  I’ll just be sure to order virgin daiquiries or nice, refreshing Cokes or something.  It also means that maybe I’ll find some cool or interesting things to do not involving alcohol.

And if not, well, it’s only a month.  And it’s the shortest month (I know, sorry black history).  So I’ll survive.  If nothing else, I’ll save a bit of money (Vegas, here I come!).

There is one exception to the rule, Valentine’s Day weekend.  There is one day where Oliver Winery is doing a chocolate and wine tasting.  We’re going.  And since it would be awkward to go to a winery for a wine and chocolate tasting without tasting the wine, we’re letting that one slide.  So that will be the one day in February where I will allow for a drink (or two).

And so alcohol, I bid you adieu.  For now.

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One response to “Fare thee well, old friend…

  1. Fee

    February 20, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    hahaha. i did this in January. Lets skype soon and I will tell you how it went



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