Hello, old friend. Errr….(Frenemy?)

01 Feb

If you would’ve told me this a few months ago I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  In fact, I may have actually laughed at you and rolled my eyes.

I’ve gotten back into running a bit.  Crazy, I know.

In fact, I’m actually going to run a little trail run with Em in about a week and a half.  A seven miler – nothing to sniff at.  Quite an entry back into the world of running (I think I ran a 5K once in college and before that it was high school – for all you metric-phobes a 7 miler is about an 11K).

So why –  how – did this happen?!?

Well, there are a couple things.  First of all, it’s not because I’m out of shape.  Even though I never ran to run while in college or grad school, I’ve always managed to stay in pretty great shape.  In fact, the two times I would say that I’ve been in the best shape of my life, I wasn’t running (weightlifting, basketball, frisbee, and volleyball have seemed to do the trick).  Before this return to running, I was also in pretty darn good shape (a combination of my own workouts, basketball, weightlifting, P90X workouts, etc.).

Well, one of the reasons I’ve gotten back to running a bit is to be a running buddy with Em.  One of her New Year’s resolutions was to make running a regular occassion.  I decided that, what the heck, I may as well provide some company and join in on some of those runs.  What a nice guy. (Thanks!)

But in the interest of full-disclosure, it’s not just that I’m a nice guy.  One of the big reasons that I decided to jump in on some of this running action is due to the construction that’s been going on at the HPER.  This means that all of the basketball traffic at IU has been forced into the SRSC and with the intramural season coming up on top of that, it has been miserable waiting to play.  So while I would normally be playing basketball while Em runs, I’ve decided that it’s a lot more efficient to just go ahead and run instead of waiting around…

(Not easy to play basketball while running around in hard hats…)

I also always found running to be a fairly boring and lonely pursuit.  Even when I was running quite a bit in high school, it was about running with the guys that I liked and got along with that made the running bearable enjoyable.  So now that I once again have a running buddy, it makes the process a whole lot more inviting.

Finally, I just decided that it’s something I should get back into a bit.  While I have been in good shape during this time that I’ve not been running, I haven’t necessarily been in running shape.  I can play basketball for a few hours and still be running and hustling by the end of that, but I decided that switching it up every now and again to get in a run as a means of cross-training can’t hurt.  I’ll also regain and improve on some of my slower twitch muscles that may not be put to as much use when playing basketball.

And so my re-entrance into the world of running.  I honestly wasn’t sure this would happen, but so far, I’m glad it has (I could use some updated T-shirts from the “2003 Mooreland Free Fair 5K”).  As long as I still get to play basketball along with it, I think that it’ll be a happy reunion.

Or at least tolerable. A new frenemy.

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