The Cable(less) Guy

09 Feb

Oh Jim Carrey movie reference/play on title.  You know that mid-90’s movie about an “eccentric” cable guy…

Well, I guess some people could potentially call me eccentric, but you can no longer call me the cable guy….er – the guy with cable anyways.

That’s right, I no longer have cable.  Cancelled.  Done. Finito. No mas.

I decided that in these few months leading up to the big Vegas trip that it might be helpful to save on the approximately $35 a month that I pay for my cable.  That and who knows, it could potentially increase my productivity as I approach the dreaded qualifying exams in sociology at the end of the semester.

So farewell my friends, I’ll miss you all these next few months:

(The Wednesday night crew: ModFam and Happy Endings)

(Gotta love late night re-runs of The Office and How I Met Your Mother.)

My Food Network/Cooking shows:

(Chef Robert looking like a badass…Restaurant Impossible)

(Above Robert: Chopped. Perhaps the best cooking show of all time.)

(Not Food Network, but still a cool show)


(Wait, how’d you slip in there? Oh, that’s right, I actually do watch your show nightly, er – used to.  Surprising, but true. Remember kids, watching ≠ believing.)

(A more reliable news source…)


(And we’re so good this year!)

(Often maddening, but I do enjoy a good debate!)

 Nothing like a little brain stretch while cooking dinner:

(Trebek, you can sound like a pretentious dbag at times, but I like your show.)

So what to do without all of these friends….  Well, as I mentioned, I have quite a bit of reading to do.  So hopefully that works out.  I also have the internets – endless fun and entertainment there.  I can also watch DVD’s still (unlimited and free rentals from the library – score!).  And some good old fashioned card games.  Why not?

Still plenty of things to keep me busy and procrastinating, but hopefully a step toward the direction of increased productivity.


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2 responses to “The Cable(less) Guy

  1. Buddy

    February 9, 2012 at 6:05 PM

    You use to watch a lot of TV. Also, I want everyone to know that Mike is copying me for ditching cable. He is even trying to study as much as me. At first I thought he just hung out in the library because Em worked there or they offered free beer, but he sometimes sends me pictures of books. I am very proud of Mike and Wendy.



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