Juice Cleanse

21 Feb

Wow, rapid fire blog posts recently.  Well, let that be my early Christmas present to you…  And there will be quite a few more in the upcoming days.  Happy Holidays!

Anyways, it’s onward towards the next project.  Time for a bit of a juice cleanse.  A bit out of the ordinary, but something to do.  To say that I’ve done it.

I’m well aware that some cleanses have been criticized as being bad for you – and for some of them, I’m in complete agreement.  It’s not good to go for long periods of time with only water and spritz’s of lemon while – ehmm – flushing your system every morning.

But there are some that are more feasible (and sustainable for your body).  Raw food diets have some merit, “all-organic”, “all-vegetable”, juice, and some others all have some positive aspects to them.  So we’ve decided to go with a juice cleanse.  Modified to our own needs.

Here are the basics:

1. Five days.

2. JUICE!  So we don’t have a juicer, so we’re not doing the “official juicer” thing.  Instead we bought a nice food processor and blender to use.  So we’ll be using them to make more like “smoothies” instead of straight juice.

3.  Food.  During our five day cleanse, we’re only doing fruits and veggies.  The one exception is that we will be having one serving of brown rice each day.  Now with our fruits and veggies, we’re not being true sticklers.  We did allow ourselves some flash frozen fruits, and some frozen veggies (nothing canned though).  Almost all of the stuff is fresh, however.

4. Saltwater flush.  This one should be interesting.  Each morning, we’re going to drink some saltwater that is designed to flush us out….

That’s it.  Just a few rules, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily easy.  We’ll see how we feel around day 3 and beyond.

I’ll be using this as a way to post updates and delicious smoothie recipes that we come up with, along with how we’re feeling and what other effects this little project may have in store for us.

We’ve already been prepping for this…

New blender/food processor to help us make our delicious smoothie/juices.

Shopping cart full of fresh fruits and veggies (and a few other odds and ends – unrelated)

Some “special” tea to help with the saltwater flush….

So that’s it.  We’re ready – all of our supplies are in place and we’re mentally prepared.  We’ll see how this little adventure goes!

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