Saint Patrick’s Day

18 Mar

Begorra!  Yesterday was St. Patty’s day.  A day that millions of Americans use as an excuse to get blackout-drunk and drink green beer.  And if you’re too young for that, it’s an excuse to run around and pinch anyone who isn’t wearing green – perfect for the youngsters.

Actually having Irish heritage really doesn’t matter, let’s be honest.  It’s a holiday for the masses.  So while it’s somewhat of a superficial holiday for many who celebrate it, I was perfectly happy to join in on the festivities (though I actually do have a pretty large chunk of Irish heritage myself).

Green beer, green meals, and green shirt.  I actually went a little overboard from what I’ve ever done before, but hey, why not?!  Em got it started off in the morning with green pancakes:

Once we started off strong with breakfast, we decided that we might as well keep on going.  How about a green salad (not too difficult) for lunch…

The salad seems like a bit of a copout, but don’t worry, I also had a side of green chicken enchilada soup for lunch:

 A bit murky, no doubt.  But no one said that enchilada soup would be nice and pretty when dyed with green food coloring.

Well, we’ve come this far with everything green… How about a few green beers right before dinner?!

Nice green Coronas.  Who says that the Mexicans and the Irish can’t play together nicely!

And of course, we had to eat dinner.  This time we went double Irish – green food along with the food’s Irish roots.  We made some hamburger pie that we topped with green mashed potatoes.  While hamburger pie isn’t exactly Irish itself, it is a dish inspired by Shepherd’s Pie, which is Irish.

Kind of funny-looking but this is one of the better batches that we’ve made recently.  Who knows if it was the extra love that we put into it on this most sacred Irish holiday…

Regardless of the reason, it was delicious.  IU won.  And St. Patrick’s Day was a success.  Nice.   So here’s to hoping you found your pot o’ gold this past saintly Irish holiday.


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3 responses to “Saint Patrick’s Day

  1. Danny

    March 18, 2012 at 12:16 PM

    You went all out with the green — love the green pancakes 🙂


  2. Laurie

    March 18, 2012 at 1:59 PM

    We also started the day with green pancakes (breakfast) and drank green coronas (afternoon)


  3. trokspot

    March 18, 2012 at 2:28 PM

    @Laurie – great minds think alike! I actually saw a pic that Park posted on fbook. Nice!

    @Danny – haha thanks! No better excuse to go all out and make green food than St. Pattys!



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