Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week

07 May

Here we are friends, time for another installment of “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week.”  Always an exciting time.

As always, there was some stiff competition to take home this week’s award ranging from fish tacos (a previous winner) to chicken to stuffed peppers.  To be completely honest, there should probably be co-winners this week, but because I don’t have a picture of one of the meals, the other is going to win out by default.


But, hey, I make the rules, and the rules say that the meal with the picture wins.

This week’s winner goes to none other than some baked chicken and vegetables.  Now this may seem like a “plain Jane” meal, but I’ve got to say that it’s one of our favorites for the summer.  It’s light, healthy, and very fresh (chicken is very good for you!).

We start off by chopping some of our favorite veggies that we happen to have (we are usually better stocked in the summer!).  Here we had broccoli, zucchini, and red onion.  We also added baby carrots (you can add whatever veggies are your favorites!).

We then put some chicken in a (lightly buttered) baking pan and fill in around the chicken with whatever veggies we’ve decided on.  We then season the whole thing with some salt, pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, and Italian seasonings.  We sprinkle some parmesan cheese lightly over the top.


(Not cooked yet)

Then all you have to do is pop it in the oven until the chicken is cooked.  By this time, the chicken and veggies have all cooked together and the flavors are absolutely delicious.  Everything is light, fresh, and colorful with lots of big flavors that really pop!

Again, this is one of our favorite meals in the summer (we’ll often do this multiple times per week) because of how light and flavorful it is – along with the fact that we are well-stocked with veggies in the summers.

So it was inevitable for this meal to win at some point – might as well be now!



Sidenote: I received a letter of complaint from the stuffed peppers claiming that this was competition was rigged.  They claimed that it was in no way possible for them have been beaten as good as they were.  They are demanding a recount and a more transparent system for determining the winners…

Well dear friends, as a matter of fact, this may have been a fixed victory for the chicken and veggies.  The green peppers were especially good and the meat and rice and sauce were absolutely cooked to perfection – one of the better efforts we’ve seen.  However, decisions were made from above.  And they have decided that for the good of the many, the winner must be represented as an image.  Unfortunately, with no image available for the stuffed peppers, there were no alternatives but for the higher ups to ensure that the baked chicken was victorious.  

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