Mother’s Day

13 May

Today is Mother’s Day.

I hope everyone takes a few moments to think about all of the lovely and wonderful things that their mothers have done for them, take a moment to appreciate this long list, and let their mothers know they appreciate it.

In a lot of cases, mothers make a lot of sacrifices that put their own personal satisfactions and wants secondary to those around them – particularly their kids.  We often do not understand or think about this as kids, but as we grow up, we hopefully get some sense of appreciation for this (though until we begin having kids of our own, it’s likely we won’t quite get it…).

So cheers to you all you mothers.  Especially my own mother who happens to be one of the strongest, brightest, most capable women people I know (our family is not for the faint of heart…I can only imagine being in charge of raising all of us…).

So enjoy the one day a year when at least some of what you do is hopefully recognized by those around you.

My mom. (She loves surprises!)

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