Sushi Drank

18 May

Here’s a fun, summery cocktail that I discovered from a buddy (consider him like family) last summer.  Now that summer is finally here, we’ve decided to bring it back.  Cheers, Kerr!

It’s easy, light, refreshing, and *spoiler alert* tastes a lot like sushi!  Worth a shot even if you’re not a sushi fan or have never tried sushi.

To Make:

~1.5 ounces of cucumber flavored vodka (could probably get by with regular if you can’t find cucumber)

~1 ounce of ginger beer

~splash of simple syrup (you could get by without this – it depends on how sweet you like your drinks – I don’t use in mine)

~splash of club soda (fill to top – probably about an ounce or so)

~slice of cucumber as a garnish

Simply put all of the ingredients together over ice (feel free to experiment a bit with the ratios to make it as sweet/alcoholic/sushi-like as you prefer).  Garnish with a slice of cucumber.  Enjoy!

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