Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week: Birthday Edition

20 Jun

Two birthdays in just over a week.  Actually 4 birthdays if you count my little nieces.  Actually 5 birthdays if you count Em’s dad.  Actually 5 birthdays and an anniversary if you count my parents.  Actually 5 birthdays, an anniversary, and Father’s Day if you count holidays.  Whoa, whoa!  Enough, enough.  I think you get the picture that that little 2 week stretch is packed with activities and events.

But having our two birthdays back-to-back is fun…and it makes for some great eating!  I already told you about the food from my birthday, so now it’s time to share some of the birthday food from Em’s birthday in this special birthday edition of “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week.”

I’ll start here with how we started off the birthday weekend…a little Friday afternoon homemade salsa action.  Homemade salsa is very easy to make, and it tastes so fresh and delicious (even when using some canned goods) that I sometimes wonder why we don’t do it more often.  Here it is:

 We used a can of diced tomatoes and a couple of roma tomatoes and tossed those in a food processor with some cilantro just long enough to make it into a chunky sauce.  Then we added about a half of a can of black beans, a can of corn, half of a diced purple onion, a diced jalapeno, a squirt of lime juice (maybe a tablespoon), and a couple of spices (some cayenne might have been nice here, though we didn’t have any).  Mixd that around, and then added some more cilantro to the top and voila – salsa!  Chips and dip, along with a new beer we decided to try (Nude Beach – oohh, naughty!), made for a great post-workout afternoon snack before heading off to dinner!

Then we went to Bub’s Burgers for dinner with my parents and sister.  We have agreed that these are some of the best burgers that we’ve had at any place we’ve been to, which is good since that’s what they’re hanging their hat on!  It’s also an appropriate place to take the fam, since all of my sisters refer to me as “Bub”.

Would be a great pic if Choch had her eyes open, but it’s the only one I have…

I have yet to eat the “Big Ugly Burger” (a one pound burger that gets your picture on the wall), but I’ve had the half pounder a couple of times now, and I’m pretty confident that I could take down the Big Ugly.  Maybe next trip….


Then we had the actual birthday meal that we made here at home.  And it was tasty!  One of Em’s favorite veggies is asparagus, so that’s what we worked the menu around for her birthday dinner.

Asparagus lightly sauteed in butter with a bit of garlic salt and black pepper. Easy, but delicious!

So with asparagus as the star of the dish, we built the meal around it.  Teriyaki chicken and some brown rice. (And a slice of carrot cake for dessert!)  Fairly easy, but absolutely delicious!

So there you have it, the (two) Best Thing(s) I’ve Eaten This Week.  Birthday edition.  absolutely delicious.

As always: Eat. Be Happy!


PS.  Enjoy this birthday picture that Em instagrammed while having a couple of outdoor birthday beers with a birthday cigar.  What a badass! 1930s mobster??







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One response to “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week: Birthday Edition

  1. hammy

    June 20, 2012 at 6:15 PM

    I love my birthday!



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