Em Takes Over the Kitchen… Mexico Invades!

27 Jun

I’ve mentioned several times that Em and I (mostly me) have awkward summer work schedules.  Basically, on most nights I call strangers from 6-10pm or 6:30-10:30pm, and Em is usually still at work when I am heading to work.  This often makes for late dinners, since we usually start cooking when I get home.

A couple of days ago, however, Em decided to cook on her own and have dinner ready for me when I got home from work at 10pm (what a great little housewife – errr – girlfriend – errr – whatever!).  She is much more into following recipes and whatnot than I am, and let me tell you, this enchilada recipe that she found was worth following!  They had some heat to them, but it was a good heat and not too overwhelming.

The mix!

Coming out of the oven!

She went all out with the Mexican theme and made sure to get all of the extras – avocado to top the enchiladas and Coronas with limes!

Corona, avocado, and limes!

The full meal! Em added a bit of yogurt to the top of hers as an added sauce.

One of the fun things about making the enchiladas is that we had some leftover ingredients that we don’t typically have.  With the leftover chipotle peppers, we decided to make a tasty little chipotle mayo that we used for our sandwiches the next couple of days – just a couple of the peppers, a scoop of mayo, a bit of olive oil, and blend!  We topped the sandwiches with a couple of slices of avocado, and there you have it! An easy way to dress up a sandwich and give it a bit of a twist.

Sandwiches with our chipotle spread and sliced avocado!


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2 responses to “Em Takes Over the Kitchen… Mexico Invades!

  1. Buddy

    June 27, 2012 at 4:09 PM

    6-10pm is an awesome shift. Reminds me of my pizza delivering days.



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