INSANITY Confession: I Cheated

31 Jul

Well boys and girls, the title says it all.  I (we) have not been on the Insanity train recently. This is largely because we have been pretty busy with lots of other stuff going on (I know, excuses are lame, but here are ours).

We went on vacation immediately following the completion of our first month of the program.  We managed to stay right on top of our workouts during vacation as we faithfully did the core and cardio recovery workout every day.  Actually, one day we decided to pass on the Insanity workout and go for a 3-ish mile run on the beach instead.  So I think we were still ok.

Sweet picture with my niece watching a storm come in over the ocean.

It was actually after vacation that everything went nuts.  I was home for about 12 hours – just enough time to repack my bags and head to business camp to act as the “Dean of Men” (a very impressive title, if I do say so myself).  So I was out of commission for a week while there.  I got in a few workouts (not of the Insanity variety) while there, but I’m not going to count those.  Fast forward to the end of that week when I finally got back to Bloomington just in time to begin packing for our big move.  That was an incredibly annoying process that entailed packing up all of my (our) stuff into my mom’s van and then moving it over to Em’s apartment (now known as our personal storage space).  It basically looks like a furniture/storage warehouse.  We have furniture, boxes, clothes, beds, and appliances carefully wedged and stacked together like a carefully arranged life-sized game of Tetris.  Fun and exciting times.  I can’t wait to unpack it and move it again into our new house.

That was the project that really derailed our Insanity journey.

But no more excuses, we’re getting back on the horse.  We have one month left and we’re going to finish strong.  That little one and a half week sabbatical was just enough to recharge our batteries (I hope!).

So we did Day 1 of month two.  Ouch.  We could tell that we took a week and a half off.  Moving heavy furniture is still no substitute for the workouts.  We were wheezing.  And sweating.  And tired.


But we’re back.

Month two, here we come.  Get ready for it.


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2 responses to “INSANITY Confession: I Cheated

  1. Buddy

    July 31, 2012 at 8:06 PM

    I have no clue why I keep reading your blogs.


    • trokspot

      July 31, 2012 at 10:45 PM

      I’m guessing you have a crush on me. Especially after I get my Insanity beach body.



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