As Luck would have it…

13 Oct

The Indianapolis Colts took Andrew Luck as the first overall pick in this past year’s draft. While Luck was largely touted as one of the most “NFL-ready” quarterbacks in years, it was still a difficult process for many Colts fans as they were also going through the mourning process of saying good-bye to Peyton Manning.

Manning was a fixture for the Colts and paramount to their success (of which they had a lot!). He was both extremely successful and loved by the city. To say good-bye (even after a few neck surgeries) and watch him head to another team was sad and painful – even when we were told what a stud Luck was going to be.

So to help ease our minds, let’s take a look at how Luck’s first four games in the NFL have compared to Manning’s first four NFL games:

For current Colts fans looking toward the future, this should be an encouraging chart to look at.  Luck already has two wins to his resume (it should be three if not for a terrible defensive breakdown in the waning seconds against Jacksonville), and he has managed to keep the interceptions down even while attempting a lot of passes (that was always one of the most frustrating parts of watching early Manning – the untimely interceptions).  He’s also shown a bit more athleticism with his ability to pick up some yards on the ground when forced to scramble.

Now this isn’t to say that Luck is better, or that he will be better, than Manning.  I’m a big fan of Manning (I was sad to see him leave, and I continue to root for him in Denver), but I understood that the Colts had to make that decision.  Manning maintained an extremely high level of play and success for a long time.  Luck is in his fourth game of the NFL.  He is performing at an impressive level and shows a lot of promise moving forward.  So let’s be encouraged, but continue to manage our expectations and remember that he is in the initial stage of his (hopefully long) career.


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3 responses to “As Luck would have it…

  1. go horse

    October 18, 2012 at 7:02 PM

    good thing this was posted before last sunday!


    • trokspot

      October 21, 2012 at 1:34 PM

      Exactly! Still doing pretty well though.



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