Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week

03 Dec

Whoooo hooo!  Pizza party!  Who doesn’t love a good pizza party!?  You’re right, everyone loves a good pizza party.

And that’s exactly why this week’s award winner goes to some homemade pizza!

Halfsies - mine is the more colorful half.

Halfsies – mine is the more colorful half.

To add a new element to this segment, I’m going to start pricing out some of our meals (as well as I can).  I often say that you can eat well on a budget, so why not share.  Here’s a prime example – make your own pizza instead of buying out.

$.50: pizza dough (we cheat and buy Jiffy, but that’s still cheaper than already made crust)

$.85: pizza sauce (tom. sauce and paste + seasonings)

$.30: fresh mushrooms (we only used a couple of mushrooms – this is a guesstimate)

$.25: onion (about 1/4 of an onion – this is probably an over-estimate)

$.50: green and mixed peppers (Em doesn’t like peppers, so we didn’t need much)

$1.00: fresh-grated mozzarella cheese (a little extra work to grate it yourself, but it makes a difference)


$3.40: Grand Total (probably actually slightly cheaper) for our pizza that is easily as good as most chain pizza restaurants (I say better, but maybe I’m biased…).  It’s also about the same size as a large pizza.

*Tip: When your pizza is cooked, broil it for 2-5 minutes to slightly brown the top of the cheese.  This adds an extra element to the pizza that we really like!

As always: Eat. Be Happy.

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