Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week

27 May

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!  There’s no better time to enjoy the long weekend, get together with friends, maybe hit the pool, cook-out, or whatever it is you do.  We were fortunate enough to do each of those things, which leads me to today’s post: Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week!

jerk fish

This is the first post in a while, but it’s fitting that it comes right along with the holiday weekend when I was finally able to get the grill back up and running.  The star of the show today: Carribbean jerk marinaded Swai fish, creamy garlic (with a hint of the jerk sauce) mashed potatoes, and fresh zucchinni and carrots.  It was certainly a meal deserving of a post!

Here you can see how I grilled it.  I basically made a little foil pocket in which I puth the Swai with some marinade and then the fresh vegetables as well.  When everything cooks together in the little foil pocket like this, it really creates a lot of great flavors that cook together.

going into the grill

Hint: When you do fold it over and seal it up, be sure to poke a few holes or slits into the foil so that the steam can escape (otherwise it will puff up and maybe pop on you!).

Coming off the grill, here’s what our yummies looked like!

fresh out of the grill

The fish with the vegetables from the grill were delicious.  Carribbean jerk sauce is one of my favorite marinades, and it certainly delivered on this occassion.  But the mashed potatoes that Em made to go along with fish and vegetables really rounded out the meal and catapaulted this into the “Best Thing” category of meals.  They were really well seasoned with some garlic and a bit of the jerk sauce, and they were the perfect consistency.  Here’s the full meal:

jerk fish 2

Absolutely tasty!  And here’s the cost breakdown of the meal:

~$1.00 :  Swai filet (one filet is big enough for the two of us to go halfsies on)

~$.50  :  zucchinni

~$.25  : carrots (we really only used a few because we ran out!)

~$.75  : mashed potatoes

~$2.00  Total for a delicious meal that fed both of us and left us with some leftover mashed potatoes!


As Always, Friends: Eat. Be Happy.


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