Bachelorette Drinking Game: Des’ Edition

04 Jun

Yes, The Bachelorette happened last night.  Yes, there was drama, romance, and hot tubbing.  Things are already starting to get a little amped up between some of the dudes.  Ben, don’t let the other boys steal your sparkle!  #TierraReference #BrosHurtingOtherBrosFeelings  The dates and activities are already ridiculous (really…a rap video?!?  Soulja Boy, you’re better than that, and trust me, I never thought I’d have the opportunity to say that…).  And the dudes have already poured their hearts out to Des in overblown, dramatic fashion attempting to show their willingness to “open up” and “be vulnerable” and “connect.”

But the best news of all, now that we are two episodes in, is that we now have enough info for the new Bachelorette Drinking Game rules:

bachelorette des

So there you have it.  Similar structure to last year’s edition, but with some modifications and updates specific for Des.  So pour yourself a nice, strong drink, or grab a six pack and get settled in for some DRAMAAAAAAA every week.  Oh, and don’t forget to check back in for updates throughout the season!



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