From listless to listfull

23 Jul

Well it’s been a bit too long since I’ve been online and providing all of you, dear readers, with stellar content from the Trokspot headquarters.  For that, I apologize. And I hope to do my darndest to get back into the routine of a more steady flow than I have been this past couple of weeks (months, really).

So I had a little thought that popped into mind, that will possibly help me expedite some content…a sort of mini-project if you will.  The title of this post, “From listless to listfull” gives a hint.  I have decided to do a series (the length of the series remains to be seen) of various lists as posts.

Why not?!  People love lists.

It’s not something that I have done a whole lot of in the past, but I think it will help me get back in the swing of things.  (Listless* to listfull….get it??)

So enjoy the string of lists that I will be putting out as this mini-project proceeds!  Also, feel free to offer up ideas for lists and things that might be interesting to explore.

making a list. checking it twice. eh, eh? get it...

making a list. checking it twice. eh, eh? get it…



*Yes, I realize that “listless” does not literally mean having no lists, and that “listfull” is not even a real word.  But I think that it’s kind of a nice play on words  as going from no (or at least very few) lists while I have stumbled a bit with the blogging (a more valid use of “listless”), to a mini-project of listing things, “listfull”.  I don’t know, it works in my head at least….


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2 responses to “From listless to listfull

  1. Jeff

    July 23, 2013 at 10:44 AM

    A List of Lists to Explore:
    Imagined Grocery Lists of Famous People (suggestions: Drake, Putin, Johnny Depp)
    Favorite Mundane Sports Plays (e.g., Bounce pass just edges out strike 2)
    Blog posts that never made it to press but had real promise
    Sitcom characters you think have the world figured out
    List of top moments from Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” video

    Perhaps more to come.


    • trokspot

      July 23, 2013 at 11:12 AM

      I am a huge fan of the mundane sports plays. That one had me laughing out loud for a couple of minutes. Good old fundamental bounce pass vs. strike 2. haha.

      The others are good too, but that one really had me laughing…



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