2 Great Sports Commercials

08 Aug

There are two fairly recent commercials involving sports stars that are pretty phenomenal.  And I’d like to share those with all of you, just in case you have failed to see them or properly appreciate them:


This one actually takes place on the basketball court and shows Blake Griffin helping out “Dr. Drain”….so much so that his claim of never missing is (sort of) true.  I just love the black and white and the music that accompanies the commercial.  And I also love the “Hey, Old School, you want to run?”  I just can’t get enough of that!



This one is even more recent, and probably more well-known already.  It went viral right after being released.  I guess you can’t beat the combination of Peyton and Eli (and a brief appearance by Archie) rapping about “football on your phone.”  It’s pretty entertaining and even has (sort of) it’s own little dance move with the arm bend – a true signature of a great rap song.  “Look at this guy using his phone as a phone!”


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One response to “2 Great Sports Commercials

  1. Buddy

    August 8, 2013 at 9:37 PM

    The Uncle Drew Pepsi Max Commercial is a good one too. Must watch TV.



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