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18 Nov

All of you tweeters on the Twitter know that it can be a pretty useful and entertaining resource.  Whether you’re trying to have your voice heard by friends (or possibly celebrities, “OMG I just got a RT!!”), take in the news (first), get the latest scoops in entertainment, find bizarre news stories, share or find pictures from others, start movements, #hashtagcleverorhilariousthings, do some data-mining*, or market/brand yourself or your company, Twitter is there (in 140 characters or less, of course!). It’s an ingenius platform that has seemingly endless possibilities and is extremely user friendly.


You may think that Twitter’s recent IPO and entry into the market is the biggest news they’ve had lately.  Well, I’ve got news for you…something even more exciting!  I decided to look back at the seven most recent stories that I gave a RT (retweeted) or just shared via Twitter.  Here they are:

1.  This story raises an interesting question about whether or not it’s ‘fair’ to ask the question “Would you do it all over?” to former athletes who currently suffer from long term head injuries.  It adds a bit of complexity to what is sometimes overlooked as a simply yes/no question.  I think the author could have done a bit more, but I like that he raised the question. This one is originally from @grantland33

2.  From @huffingtonpost, this article is from a fitness trainer on the topic of running and whether or not it is an effective way to lose weight.  While I am not trying to lose weight, I do enjoy reading about health and fitness.  This points out that simply going out for runs – even if you are consistent and increasing mileage – is not necessarily an effective way to drop those lbs.  Instead, you may want to do higher intensity work, add weight training, and add variety to your workouts (just to name a few).

3.  I was really just trying to remember to mention this to Em when I got home from work.  (Another useful way to use Twitter!)  But don’t get too excited, George Clooney was not actually there. Thanks for nothing, @orlandosentinal!

4.  This is a funny little comic story from the popular blog, The Oatmeal.  It also happens to have a nice lesson that everyone should read and keep in mind when dealing with those who work in the service industry, specifically servers.  Even if they accidentally toot!  I shared this from Facebook, but the Twitter handle you are looking for is @theoatmealrss

5.  This one gets a little creative and a little silly.  It takes inspirational workout quotes that you would find on different workout posters.  However, instead of seeing sweaty individuals triumphing over extreme obstacles or doing heaving lifting, these quotes are set to individuals drinking.  It’s pretty funny, and you really have to see it to appreciate it.  I don’t follow, but this one comes from @imgur

6.  Buzzfeed has some of the best lists around.  They tend to hit the nail on the head most of the time and are often pretty insightful while managing to be extremely entertaining.  This particular list lives up to that billing in describing “60 Signs You Studied Sociology in College.”  I love this list because this person shows a depth of understanding of sociology in these jokes and observations that are completely on point.  My apologies to non-sociology readers on this one because you will probably not be nearly as amused as I was by this.  I would highly recommend @buzzfeed to everyone, as there will certainly be something for you!

7. My seventh most recent RT/share via Twitter came from @espnmag and featured this interesting infographic which shows the 8 most profitable Men’s Basketball Teams in Division I.  I am always interested and on the lookout for these interesting sports nuggets of information.  It’s a fairly common misconception that all college sports bring in big bucks and generate huge profits for universities.  This is generally not the case, though here we do get a glimpse of some of those programs (specifically basketball) that really do generate big profits.



As you can see, I use Twitter fairly broadly.  Just going through this small sample of my most recent shares and RTs covers (critical) sports, entertainment, health/fitness, and sociology.  Of course, this doesn’t include the variety of nuggets that I’m skimming or links that I’m clicking or things that I’m tweeting.  Whatever the topic, Twitter can be a great platform for a wide variety of needs and usage.


ps. My handle is @trokspot  How ’bout a follow?!


*One recent academic study done by two sociologists at IU showed a strong correlation between Twitter buzz/mentions and election wins (regards of the mentions being positive or negative).  Shout out to IU sociology!


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