The Bachelor: Odds Makers for JP’s finalists

23 Feb


This season’s, The Bachelor, featuring Juan Pablo is winding down.  JP is now down to his final four ladies and will be going on hometown visits as well as fantasy suite dates with the remaining women.  They’ve been teasing some major drama going down ever since the show started, and now we’re finally about to see what it is.  A few general thoughts about this season before getting to the final four:

Where has Chris Harrison been??  Harrison loves to play the role of counselor and adviser to both male and female contestants.  I’m pretty sure that he and Sean Lowe (the last male bachelor before JP) were besties.  They spent countless airtime hours talking things out (and who knows how much time that was edited out!), with Sean more than happy to tell us (Harrison) everything he was thinking and feeling along the way with each lady.  I think that we really got some insight into Sean’s feelings and thought process.  And I think that Harrison loved it.  But JP has not had any heart to hearts with Harrison; in fact, we’ve barely had any Harrison time.  This may have backfired a little bit, as some have criticized JP as being a “bad bachelor.”  Which leads to…

What’s up with all the JP haters??  Look, he’s not my favorite bachelor ever, nor was he my pick to be the next bachelor (I wanted Zak).  That said, I don’t think that he is a bad guy or that he “ruined the bachelor.”  For people saying that he is terrible, my main question would be: Do you know what the show is, and have you ever seen it before?  No one will look great when they are dating 25 people at the same time – kissing them, trying to get to know them, trying to make each of them feel special and liked, and trying not to give away too much information to any one of them about how you’re feeling.  It’s a recipe for disaster if you’re trying to look innocent or like a “genuine person.” (Or if you’re trying to prove you’re there for the “right reasons“)


Latina women??  I was a little bit surprised at the lack of latina women on the show.  JP is from Venezuela and lives in Miami.  Now this doesn’t mean that he can only date Venezuelan or latina women, but I was surprised to see very few (and no finalists) from a similar background/ethnicity/culture.  In fact, I believe that the only other person from South America was a young woman from Brazil, who was dismissed very early on because she got a little too wasted.  I know that in the past, they have mentioned that they specifically ask the bachelor(ette) specifically what type of person they are looking for and try to cast accordingly (to an extent), so it might actually be JP’s preference…who knows.

Juan Pablo as sexiest man alive…  One of the running themes has been just how amazingly SEXY Juan Pablo is.  The women truly believe it, and ABC has pushed that message forward.  And here’s the thing, yes, JP is an attractive guy, but he’s not that attractive.  He’s not head and shoulders above every other guy out there to the extent that these young, attractive, and successful women should be swooning every time his name is mentioned (seriously, even the finalists still seem in awe of him at times).  I would expect that they are accustomed to dating men in a similar class of attractiveness as JP.  But, I don’t know, maybe it’s the accent?




Nikki, the 26 year old pediatric nurse, was one of my picks from day one.  She seems fun, she’s attractive, and she works at a children’s hospital — a plus for JP who says that his daughter, Camila, is a top priority.  She also seems really into JP, but not in a desperate way.  Last episode, she further solidified her position as the favorite when JP invited her to attend Camila’s dance recital and meet her, the family, and Camila’s mother (JP’s ex).  My only reservation with Nikki is that she doesn’t seem to get along with all of the other girls.  Even Renee (among a few others), who gets along with everyone, has expressed concerns about how Nikki interacts with the other females and seems to really turn into a different person when JP is around.  There haven’t been any full-on blow-ups (though last episode with Clare was awfully close), but there is enough doubt to wonder if Nikki is really a genuinely nice person.


To win:  65%     [I think you’re it. If you do win, I hope that you don’t turn out to be crazy like some of the girls suspect]




Andi is a 26 year old assistant district attorney.  She was originally on my list as most likely to stir up some drama; I really thought that she would be the “Type A in-your-face, confrontational, pushy attorney.”  As it turns out, that really hasn’t been the case.  She is likeable and kind of silly at times, but you know that she’s got her head on straight (despite being on the bacholor) and has a great career.  Thus far, we really haven’t seen a whole lot of a “connection” between JP and Andi, other than the fact that they really enjoy making out and are obviously quite attracted to one another.  I also wonder about Andi’s desire to step into being a mother figure so immediately.  She seems like a real go-getter, and probably has career goals and other things that she wants to achieve before settling down completely.



To win:  40%     [You seem like a good person with a lot to achieve. Go achieve. Don’t win, it’s not in your best interest!]




Renee is a 32 year old real estate agent from Sarasota, Florida.  She’s the right age, and a single mother.  And completely sane!  She is probably the best choice, but I’m not sure she is the best choice for JP.  I want her to win and find love, but at the same time, I’m not sure I want her to be picked by JP.  I think that they are in slightly different places, despite both being single parents.  Renee seems ready to settle down and live a low-key family life, while JP, regardless of how much he touts being a single (and dedicated!) father, seems to want a more fast paced life.  He seems like he’s still got some party mode in him, doesn’t seem to have full responsibility as a parent, and his job causes him to travel all over.  I just don’t think it’s a great fit, and honestly, I’m a little bit surprised that she is still seriously invested in him (even though she doesn’t seem quite as head over heels as the other ladies).



To win: 20%    [I want the best for you, so please don’t win, actually.]




Clare is a 32 year old hairstylist from CA.  Clare is also crazy.  Really.  I think that her main goal is to be married, and she seems willing to do whatever it takes to get there.  At one point, she snuck out at 3am to knock on JP’s door and go out into the ocean with him.  I think that we can be fairly certain that they partook in certain physical pleasures at that point.  Clare then proceeded to lose it and force an apology from JP when he tried to explain that he was not proud of what he had done (on camera!) and that it couldn’t happen again because his daughter was old enough to understand.  She also gets that kind of crazy and arrogant glimmer in her eye every time JP picks her or something not so great happens to another female contestant.  I am not a fan of Clare.  That said, I do think that JP likes her quite a bit…


To win: 60%   [I think you’re crazy, but honestly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised (or disappointed, really) if you won.]


End note:  With all of the foreshadowing about drama and crazy shit that goes down with the fantasy suite and hometown visits, I wouldn’t be surprised if no one wins (20%).  I could easily see Clare and Nikki (outright enemies, also my two favorites to win) being angry enough with each other to somehow knock themselves both out of the running.  I’m also not convinced that it will last, regardless of who he picks.


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