Summer jam?

27 Mar

It seems like every summer there are a few songs that dominate pop radio.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the best songs of the summer, but they sure get played an awful lot.  Here’s one that has summer play potential:



Best line: “What should my caption be? I want it to be clever. How about, ‘livin’ with my ladies [edited version] #livin?'”  Just listening to the song makes me think of spoiled reality tv high schoolers from Beverly Hills or Jersey, and the video (which I saw for the first time recently) confirms it.

Like so many summer songs before it, I don’t necessarily think it’s a great work of art (though the line above does bring a smile every time I hear it), but I can definitely see it being played ad nauseam. It actually reminds me of a few summers ago – LMFAO’s “I’m in Miami, B*#@#” (another hit that I was not a huge fan of).

Prepare yourselves for the summer of the selfie song.

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