Wedding DIY: Name Tags

09 Aug

As loyal readers probably know, Em and I enjoy a good DIY project every now and then.  This has been no different with respect to our wedding celebration that we have been planning for months.  We’ve taken on several different wedding projects that we have decided to do ourselves.  When it comes to DIY projects, 1) we enjoy doing them together, 2) we develop a connection to whatever project/product we are working on and a good story to tell, and 3) it often ends up being more cost-effective than if we would purchase it.

Here is one particular project that we have done for the wedding – name tags (or “escort cards” as Em likes to say).  We decided to use wine corks as name tag holders for all of our guests.  Our centerpieces will have empty wine bottles that will hold the table number cards, surrounded by 2-3 glass jars with flowers in them.  Thus, the wine corks work well with the wine bottle theme.

Here’s what I did: 1) cut a slit lengthwise down the middle of a wine cork with a knife. This was actually kind of difficult, in part because our knives are getting a bit too dull, but also because the corks will roll on you.  You’ve got to get a good grip on the cork, and be very careful.  And 2) use a hot glue gun to attach a penny to the bottom of the cork.  This is to help stabilize and weight the corks so that they will stand up with the actual name tags in them.

shout out to indiana's finest!

shout out to indiana’s finest! oliver winery!


There’s nothing too glamorous or tricky about this project, but it does require you to be very careful and pay attention to what you’re doing and it’s a bit time consuming.  It also ends up looking very nice, and adds a personal touch with some wine and good times that we’ve shared.  And again, on a budget.  The only money we spent on this was going to the bank and asking for $1 in pennies.  Hint: If you don’t have the wine corks yourself, try going to a winery or establishment and asking them if they have some corks to spare or if they would mind collecting some for you (it worked for us!).

amassing an army of name tags

amassing an army of name tags


We are excited to debut them at the wedding.  I imagine that they will look very nice overall, especially with our centerpieces.  I’m sure I will have more pictures to share with how these corks look, and the wedding in general, in the coming weeks.


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2 responses to “Wedding DIY: Name Tags

  1. talkavino

    August 10, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    There are so many useful things you can do with those wine corks, I love that! I recently saw tyhe corks being put on the stick so you can identify different objects in the garden – but probably it will work on the table too…


    • trokspot

      August 11, 2014 at 6:58 PM

      Exactly! I guess the fun doesn’t have to end when the bottle runs dry…plenty of projects to enjoy!



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