21 Sep

NPR Miami, WLRN, has a current project going, entitled #6wordsmiami.  They have asked listeners to write a story about South Florida in six words.  They will be selecting some of those stories to be published, and they will be inviting some individuals who submit stories to attend the 2014 Miami Book Fair.  According to WLRN’s website, writers are encouraged to consider “the humidity here, our mango season, and how you’re so South Florida.”  So I decided to give it a shot and wrote a handful of six word stories:


SoFlo summer heat. Winter’s warmth reconciles.

[This is what it’s all about – the winters in Florida!]


Beach house pastels. Tropical living reigns.

[Our beachy little house!]


Heat, traffic, rain. Beach cures all.


Mariscos y cervezas. La cultura vibrante.

[Can’t do South Florida without a little Latino flavor!]


Newlywedded bliss. Lake Worth, beachside paradise. 

[Our life.]


Speedos, thongs, tans. Implants. Beachlife exposed.

[Yes, you see plenty of this in South Florida…]



Em wrote a few as well, taking a slightly sillier approach:

Gator snatched my puppy, in Florida. 😦  

[Do not worry, this is NOT a true story…Wendy is ok!]


Bleached blonde hair. On a man.



Newlyweds making out on the beach.

[This is also not a true story…maybe one of these days! 😉 ]

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