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21 Oct


Truth and transparency here on Trokspot, and the truth is that I actually did flip back and forth for a bit between the WS and HGTV.  I probably caught 3-4 innings worth of action, which turned out to be a blowout. (Unfortunately for the WS, it still had disappointing ratings – lowest ever for a Game 1 – despite the bump my partial viewership provided.)  What I also found very interesting was on my drive into work this morning (the morning after Game 1), ESPN’s Mike and Mike had Mark Texiera on to talk about the WS and baseball more broadly.  Texiera was interesting to listen to, as he had a very thorough understanding of baseball and it’s place in American sports, and articulated his points very well. He ended up saying that baseball needed to make some changes so that it didn’t get “left behind” or lost in the American sporting landscape.  He also pointed out that his sons were “fan aged” (I believe around 8 years old) but that they really weren’t interested in baseball and didn’t see it as action packed or entertaining, yet when he takes them to Knicks games, he said that they were extremely interested in the game on the court.  I don’t know that he said anything Earth-shattering or completely brand new, but it was very interesting to me that he had this perspective and insight even while he himself is situated in the game. Certainly worth a listen.   (Start around 20minutes for the piece I’m talking about.)


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For those who don’t know, the World Series begins tonight. (Baseball)  Those who have been around the blog for a while know that I’ve been a bit critical of baseball in the past, for its seeming inability to generate interest and ratings, especially for the casual sports fan (see here and here for example.) This post may not be so different from my previous criticisms; and in fact, it seems that many others have been more vocally critical of MLB ratings and interest as well.

world series

I’ve heard that some of the games this post-season have been great games, but many have also pointed out that it’s been difficult to find many of these great games as they have been broadcast on 7 different networks just this postseason.  Game to game, people don’t always know where to go and how to find them.  Of course, those die hard, traditional fans will know and make the effort to find them and sit down to watch. But random Joe sports-fan will probably not.  And that seems to be just a part of the problem baseball has had, not just this postseason but for several – how to attract casual sports fans.

My post here is not to reiterate what I have already done on a few different occasions. But as I have was driving home from work listening to a local ESPN affiliate station, I heard quite a bit of discussion that echoes my thoughts…dwindling to little interest in baseball, what would it take to get people talking about/watching the games (some sort of controversy?!).  They then went on to discuss where the World Series games would fall on their hierarchy of TV viewing (with many of them stating that they would probably not notice if/when the World Series ended).  The first four games are Tuesday (tonight), Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.  So what else on TV might be more intriguing to watch than the crowning of the best team in baseball?  I will just look at the first two weeknight games here as Friday and Saturday are the weekend, and football days.

Here are mine:


Selfie: Okay, this show is not great.  It gets some cheap and cheesy jokes that you can see coming from a mile away…the humor doesn’t have a lot of depth and isn’t that creative or clever, but we’ve watched the first couple of episodes and still haven’t given up on it quite yet.

New Girl: This one is one of our favorites.  If you haven’t watched New Girl, then you should start.  But start from the beginning because you will come to know the characters and the character development is really great and you grow to know them like they are actually people you know.  And so funny!  PS. This show was actually foiled as the WS is being shown on Fox…boo!

Manhatten Love Story: This is another new one that we have begun watching.  Em is more into this one than I am at this point…I still see it as a bit cheesy, and I don’t know how I feel about the inner dialogue, but I’m still giving it a chance.  Like Selfie, it’s got plenty of cheap, surface-level jokes, but it also has some decent humor mixed in as well.

new girl



These shows need even less explanation as they speak for themselves. Wednesday is for the classics.

The Middle: This holds a special place in our hearts as it takes place in Indiana. The comedy in this one is pretty great, and really does hit home with the blue-collar Indiana theme that they are going after (albeit, sometimes putting Indiana in a somewhat negative light).  It shows a “normal” family (yet dysfunctional) trying to make it and get through their day to day lives.

The Goldbergs: I think this was my favorite new show last year, and in its 2nd season this year, it has not failed to disappoint.  It is set in 19-eighty-something and chronicles the lives of the Goldbergs.  But what it really does is chronicle the childhoods of pretty much every kid that grew up in the 80’s and early 90’s, which is why I find it so funny – I remember so much of the stuff that they reference!

Black-ish: This is a new one, and there are some interesting critiques and observations to make about this show as a whole (perhaps for a different post). However, the comedy in this is actually pretty good and does a pretty decent job of dealing with both race and gender ideas through comedy.  Thus far, we have enjoyed this new series.

Modern Family: This one is a classic and needs no explanation as it is loved and acclaimed by so many people. The writing and humor in it is brilliant and seems to get better season by season.  The way that the episodes tie together the families through the layered plots and subplots is hysterical.  We are avid ModFam fans.


I would also sprinkle in just about anything on FoodNetwork and/or HGTV – Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Love It or List It, Flip or Flop, etc.  In short, I will probably not be watching too much of the World Series, as I find many other “regular shows” on TV more interesting and appealing to my own taste.  So there it is – my making fun of baseball post. But hey, if you’re into it, then enjoy watching it…but as for me, I will spend my viewing time elsewhere!

Will you be watching?  What things might tear you away from the Series?


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3 responses to “TV Choices

  1. emetroka

    October 21, 2014 at 10:27 PM

    Baseball sux!


  2. Buddy

    October 21, 2014 at 11:18 PM

    You watch way too much TV for someone who lives on a beach.


    • trokspot

      October 22, 2014 at 9:39 AM

      That may be true, although I also don’t spend much time on the beach in the evenings after 8pm.



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