Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week: Peruvian Chicken

04 Nov

Yummy.  We had a good week when it comes to eats, but there was one meal (well, two actually) that stood above the rest. Em was the chef behind all of this goodness, and followed this recipe (for the most part) to take us on a lovely trip to Peru! [Via Peruvian cuisine] She made a Peruvian chicken marinade with a green sauce to go along that was absolutely delicious and full of bold flavors.

Now I’ve actually been to Peru, and I remember really enjoying the food while there. But this food was on another level with bold flavors that really popped. [And the neon green color added some pizazz as well!]

peru with ruins

me in peru, circa 2007 with authentic alpaca sweater


So I would highly recommend checking out that recipe and adapting as you see fit. It consists largely of cumin, paprika, and garlic, along with your basic salt and pepper and oil. Marinade your chicken in that for as long as possible, and then I grilled them, because, come on!, everything is better when grilled!

For the green sauce, you’re using a lot of lime and cilantro, along with some jalapeno to back it up with a little heat. Your base for this will be a dollop of mayo and/or Greek yogurt and/or sour cream (here you can make some (un)healthy choices for yourself). This is what will really provide a bold pop of flavor that will bring out a fresh pop and contrast to the chicken.  It will also add some color to your dish as the cilantro makes the sauce a bright neon green color. Feel free to add this sauce to any number of things as it is rather tasty! [The following morning we used some to dress our breakfast burritos that we made!]

peruvian green sauce

peruvian chicken with green sauce and rice


As you can probably see from the above picture, we decided to have some jasmine rice and some plantains as our sides. We kept these two sides pretty basic, and used the flavors that we developed from the chicken and green sauce to bring it all together. Now I mentioned above that there were actually two dishes that I was counting as best thing of the meal. Am I cheating in not picking just one? Yes and no. Yes because I’m picking two. No because I am writing the post, and also because it was essentially the same meal – again. That’s how much we liked it!

We decided to make some Peruvian chicken kabobs over jasmine rice, topped with some green sauce. Same marinade recipe, and we had enough of the green sauce left over from the first meal that we used it for this one as well!  How great is that!?

chicken and vegetable kabob skewers

chicken and vegetable kabobs over rice with green sauce


As you can probably tell, these were also grilled…they’re kabobs, how can you not throw them on the grill?! [Big shout out to my bubs who went in to get us a new grill as a wedding gift…fantastic gift!]  There’s just something about grilled kabobs with meats and vegetables that is incredibly delicious. And when you marinade the meat in that Peruvian marinade and serve over rice with the green sauce drizzled over it, the dish becomes even more flavorful! I guess you can maybe tell that I enjoyed those two meals…

So let’s see if we can get a price breakdown for this meal, as I always try to do. Remember, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to eat great! [The first meal I described, with chicken, rice, and plantains.]

~$0.50  for the chicken marinade (we had all of these spices already)

~$0.50 for a few limes (marinade and green sauce)

~$0.25  jalapenos

~$0.50  half a bunch of cilantro

~$1.50  for 4-5 chicken tenderloins

~$0.25  dollop of mayo/greek yogurt

~$0.25  couple servings of rice

~$0.50  plaintain

~$4.25 Total

And this total was more than enough for dinner with leftovers…enough of the green sauce to use on breakfast burritos and our kabobs…and enough rice that we just reheated our leftovers for the kabobs as well. You really can’t beat that!


As Always: Eat. Be Happy.


motorbike in peru

bonus shot: motorbike in peru




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