Feeling Festive

23 Dec

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is nearly upon us. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving, and then, before you know it, it’s Christmas Eve. A very happy holiday to all, regardless of what/if you celebrate anything special.  For us, this will actually be the first time that neither of us have been home for at least part of the holiday.

Even last year, our first in Florida, we were able to make it home to see both of our families in Indiana. This year, we are both working right up until the day of…and even the day after.  This also means that it will be our first Florida – South Florida, no less – Christmas.

Without the family time and the cold (and the days off!), it’s nice to have some reminders around that it is the holiday season.  And we’ve done plenty to ensure that we are staying festive for the season.  We both enjoy the activity of decorating, and especially the look when it’s all finished. It really does serve as a reminder that it is December (even as we spend weekends enjoying the beach!).

christmas tree

no, i’m not mad about picking out our tree in shorts and a t-shirt

family christmas card

the family xmas card

even the tv area is decorated...perfect for watching ELF

even the tv area is decorated…perfect for watching ELF

As you can see, we’ve got some presents under the tree… We decided to set a dollar limit for each other and buy a few gifts; that way we have a little something to open, which is always fun.  We both ended up finding some good deals, because our presents under the tree have grown quite a bit…we were able to get more than we thought!  We also did get a few gifts from family, and some cards from family and friends as well.

hanging christmas tree lights

we hung the lights (in shorts and t-shirt)

house with christmas lights

… and they turned our pretty well!

We even stumbled across two fun town events on different weekends…

The first was the Lake Worth holiday parade, featuring Santa and Mrs. Claus below.  But this was actually a pretty big event that featured a lot of floats representing local businesses, all of the surrounding schools and their marching bands, and many other local groups. [Em’s favorites were the Bolivian dancers!]

santa and mrs claus christmas parade

lake worth christmas parade

The other even that we were fortunate enough to stumble upon was the Orchid City Brass Band, playing some holiday tunes in the town square. They did some instrumental favorites and also had some sing-alongs involving the crowd…

As I mentioned above, we have also spent some time on the beach; the weather has been absolutely fantastic.  But even on the beach, you can still get into the holiday spirit!

santa hat on the beach

In addition to some of the fun events above, we’ve gone to a holiday party with friends/co-workers, are going to a traditional Italian seafood night for Christmas Eve with friends/co-workers, we’ve watched Christmas movies, and we’ve gone Christmas shopping for each other and family….lots of holiday festivities.  We even decided to be neighborly and took some Christmas cookies over to our neighbors’ house.

christmas cookies

So although we have not been surrounded by snow or family – both of which are nice (on occasion!) – we have managed to enjoy lots of great, festive events and activities…and we still have more to come in the next few days! This has really helped to make the holidays very special for us, as we celebrate our first down in South Florida (and our first as a married couple)!  So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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