6 dolla tuesday

01 Jan

This past Tuesday, Em and I decided to take a quick jaunt down to WPB.  Throughout December, they have had “Sandi,” the 600 ton sculpted sand Christmas tree on display. There is a bit of a light show set to Christmas music as well.  There was actually a pretty decent crowd of people out and about to see and enjoy the lights. But it’s not just the huge sand Christmas tree as the attraction; it’s WPB in general. Clematis street is such a fun strip of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and other interesting shops. I guess we didn’t really think about how much it’s hopping, even on a Tuesday.  It was also completely lit up for the season, which made it even nicer. So along with our trip to see Sandi, we decided to pop into a neat coffee shop, C Street, to enjoy as we watched the huge sandy mound of a tree and also enjoyed walking along the water and Clematis street. It was our 6 dolla Tuesday date.


sand christmas tree lights

gingerbread picture

hot ginger-wife

trees with christmas lights

downtown lights decorations

lights all the way down clematis street

coffee shop

c-street coffee shop

pretty neat sitting area in c-street... nice leather!

pretty neat sitting area in c-street… nice leather!


So it was a pretty fun night for a Tuesday, and we were glad to be able to check out Sandi.  It’s one of the things that we have enjoyed about many of the beach towns all along South Florida…there are lots and lots of little events, festivals, and attractions. And many are free if you just want to go pop in to check them out.

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