Super Simple Apps: Italian Skewers

31 Jan

Not too long ago, we were invited to a fun little Italian dinner at a friend’s home. Of course, when someone is having a dinner get together, you really shouldn’t show up empty handed. [Of course it depends on other things like how fancy the party is and how well you know the person, etc.]  On this occasion, we decided not to go with the typical bottle of wine (not that there is anything wrong with that at all!).  We decided to try a fun little Italian inspired appetizer that we thought might be tasty.  It also happened to be super simple.  Check it out:

italian appetizer skewers


What we did:  Italian appetizer skewers

We had 3 different types of meat that we used: Genoa salami, Italian summer sausage, and pepperoni. We sliced the salami in half and then folded that twice (triangular shapes) when skewering; we cubed the summer sausage, and we sliced the pepperoni into halves.

We cubed some mozzarella cheese.

We opened a can of black olives.

We got out some grape tomatoes.

We go out some mushrooms.

And we plucked some basil leaves from our basil plant.

That was the only prep that was really involved – super easy. It’s all assembly from there. We then took those ingredients and put them on 6 inch, disposable, wooden skewers in various assortments. Not everyone likes meat….make some without meat. Not everyone likes olives….make some without olives.  Make some with extra meat if you like. If you know people really like a specific type of cheese or meat, then use those types instead.  [Note: We did do a little bit of a drizzle over the top of the skewers consisting of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, and garlic salt. This drizzle is completely optional, but did add a nice element.]

These little skewers are so simple and so easy, yet at the same time you can come up with as many combinations as you like and really tailor them to the party or group. And because they are neat and simple little skewers, they are easy to set out and let people grab and munch while they mill about before the actual meal. We really enjoyed them!

italian appetizer skewers


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