the bachelor: deadwood

11 Feb

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty at this point. Sure, we still have a handful of girls left, but most of them are serious contenders at this point, though some do have more of a connection than others. I’m looking at you, Britt.


So how did we get to this point? Well, a lot happened in this past episode…most notably three of the girls being sent home.

Remember how they left us hanging last week with no rose ceremony?? Well they picked up there. We saw Kelsey go down with a fake panic attack, just to make sure that she wasn’t sent packing. The girl who did get eliminated was….I honestly have no idea. Every season has that girl/guy who somehow hangs around and you realize that you never even knew they were there…until they get eliminated. All of a sudden it’s, “Wait, huh…who was that just eliminated?!” Well that happened at the open of this episode. So long, friend. It was fun while it lasted I guess?

Despite me not recognizing who the mystery woman eliminated was, the other girls seemed sad about it. Actually, I dont think they were sad about her leaving; more mad that Kelsey was not sent home.  Spoiler alert: the girls will be very happy by the end of the episode.

So they all head to Deadwood, North Dakota. “This is where Calamity Jane … did her stuff.” Thanks for that insight, Chris. Perhaps a town named Deadwood is an appropriate location for our hero…

The stakes are high here. A one on one date, a group date, and a two on one date, where only one girl will get arose. Dramaaaa! So Becca gets the one on one, which is one of her first chances to get to know Chris. They go on a horseback ride through the woods and kind of just sit around and talk. It’s a very normal date and makes me think that those two might actually be the most compatible of the group. She would probably be comfortable on a farm…although I do think she’d prefer a Southern farm to a Midwest farm in Iowa. She’s a Southern Belle. But she’s at least not completely out of place.

What happens when the group date turns into a one on one date? The girls get upset and feel humiliated. Ouch. Let me back up…for the group date Chris decides to let the girls know that country music is a huge part of his life. Basically he likes to listen to it, without really knowing the lyrics very well. So each girl is in charge of writing and performing a song. Carly is certain that she will win because she sings for a living. The truth is, she actually is very good, but she doesn’t win.  Jade is scared to death, but puts herself out there and over ones her fear with the help of country stars Big and Rich (Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy).  Bonus points for being vulnerable and putting yourself out there, but that won’t get you the rose this time.

Instead, while all of the girls are tucked away writing lyrics and trying to get inspiration, Chris is busy canoodling with Britt. In the open. Not very nice. He then makes an even bigger dick move…while they are all together and doing their little one on one sessions post-singing party, Chris decides to grab Britt and run across the street with her to a Big and Rich show. We get to see his questionable dance moves and lack of lyrical knowledge again. It’s not new for pairs to see live performances together, but Chris kept the other girls waiting around in their little group with no idea what  was going on…FOR OVER AN HOUR. Man that’s harsh. And they let him know it when he came back. He saw the girls fuming and quickly said that they were done for the night and he would see them all tomorrow.



Kaitlyn actually cried and said she felt humiliated…something I didn’t see coming for one of the cooler girls in the group. Whitney was seething…partly because she’s not sure if Britt is there for the right reasons, but also partly because Britt doesn’t  understand country music and couldn’t  possibly have appreciated the performance like she would have. Tough situation for all of the ladies.

But here’s where the drama rally kicks into high gear. The two on one with Ashley and Kelsey.  One will not be coming back. The virgin vs the widow. The belly shirt vs the cardigan. Eye lashes vs normal person lashes.  The two could not be more opposite. Kelsey, in her own words, is “blessed with eloquence. And I use a lot of big words. Because I’m smart.” Don’t let that intimidate you, Ashley…

They don’t really do anything on this date. An awkwardly placed bed in the middle of the Badlands (Kelsey knows where that is because she’s smart) is all that’s around. Then they each spend a bit of one on one time with Chris. And then Ashley rats out Kelsey for being crazy and manipulative and not getting along with the girls. Oh snap! But remember, Ashley, the whistle blower never advances!

Then Chris makes it really awkward when he goes off with Kelsey and tells her that Ashley just ratted her out. Whoa! When Kelsey gets back to the bed where Ashley is waiting, she gives her the scariest look I think I’ve ever seen. The weirdest bed stare down of all time. I thought that she was going to pull out a knife at any second and shred her. Then after minutes of icy cold staring, she says, “I know what you did.” Terrifying. Ashley tries to defend herself and tells Kelsey that she’s not the only smart one and that she can see through her scheming.


At this point Ashley is scared for her life and storms off. Ashley, you’ve won, don’t do anything stupid! Then she finds Chris and immediately bursts into tears. And then swears that she’s not really like this and why is she crying every time she sees him. Doh! You blew it, Ashley. What little chance you had of survival is done. You’re not in the same place, you’d hate the country, you’re always crying…any number of excuses were mumbled and explained by Chris as he said goodbye.

Chris returns to Kelsey and says “I don’t know if you know this, but I just sent Ashley home.” … As Ashley’s sobs echo in the background. *Cut to the house with the other girls…Ashley’s suitcase is rolled away and they all gasp.*  Then back to the awkward bed, Chris lets Kelsey know that she deserves a great guy but he’s not the one. She takes it surprisingly well and reminds us again that she has an amazing story. Good luck with your story. *Cut to the house with the other  girls…Kelsey’s suitcase is wheeled out and they erupt in cheers and begin popping bottles of champagne. Seriously, they were popping bottles when they saw her suitcase exit.*

Phew! One episode, three ladies down. At this point Becah is creeping up the list of favorites, even though Britt currently has a stranglehold on Farmer Chris. That connection is all physical, and she’s going to freak out if she actually has to consider living on the farm. Whitney is still a solid option as is Jade.



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