final two: the bachelor winds down

24 Feb

Oh goodness…we are now down to the final two ladies on the bachelor. How the time flies…it seems like only yesterday we met the first set of 15 women coming out of the limos, which was then followed by a second set of limos full of 15 more women just a short time later.  [Side note: I believe both of the finalists came from the second set of limos.]


Before my usual recap, I will offer a brief apology to those few loyal readers who rely on or enjoy (or enjoy makin fun of) my weekly analysis. Last week I was unable to crank out a blog, even though it was a huge week (hometown visits!) that led to this week’s fantasy suite adventures in Bali.

Super quick: It turns out that Jade was a model for Playboy for a bit which kind of threw off Chris’s idea of her sharing his small town values that he loved so much. This was not a one time hey I took a naked picture in college and submitted to Playboy; this was an extensive catalogue of full nudity shots (google jade Elizabeth). Jade’s brother called her a wild mustang. She was sent packing.

Becca’s family was a little bizarre and was overly freaked out that she and Chris were touching. Like even just him touching her knee. Weird, but she survived.

We saw just how small Chris’s town really is. Yes, Arlington Iowa is tiny and remote. An hour or more to get to a single place that will serve food or show a movie.

Britt and Carly were sent packing before the hometown dates. We all knew Carly was on her way out…and Carly herself knew it. I’m pretty sure her mindset was something like, fuck it, if I’m on my way out im making sure Britt doesn’t get any further. And it worked.

So that left us with three lovely, and extremely different, ladies for the fantasy suite episode:


imageKaitlyn the cool, free spirit from Canada. I’ve said before that I think that Kaitlyn is cool and a very engaging and good on camera, basically way too fun and cool for Chris. I still thought that…one of my favorites, but not a good match for Chris. And probably not likely to enjoy small town Iowa farm life. But on this particular date she seemed a little more lovey than usual and the two even talked about her putting herself out there and being vulnerable in order to prove her love for Chris. Which she did.  I think we also realized that Kaitlyn is Catherine from Sean’s season. Kind of goofy and fun, and not someone you would’ve picked to go far. [Spoiler: she doesn’t go any farther.]. Kaitlyn and Chris really do seem to enjoy each other and decide to spend a night in the fantasy suite.







imageWhitney is the very put together and driven fertility nurse from Chicago. She is 29 and told Chris that she is prepared to settle down and give up her career to make babies with him and live in small town Iowa. And I believe her…I think she’d be perfectly comfortable going that route.  As I said before, Whitney could speak to a wall for hours, which is a talent that’s good to have if you’re going to be around only a few hundred people, one of them being Chris. She has never felt so sure or so ready for anything than to spend her life with Chris. Which she may want to reevaluate. Whitney is very attractive, well spoken, has a great career, and lives in Chicago…I’m certain that she could easily date up from Chris if she wanted.  She is really nervous that her sister may have ruined her chances of winning by not giving Chris a full blessing to marry her. Chris assures her that’s not the case. [Side note: was that the only hometown date where they showed him asking for permission to marry the girl??]  Whitney survives and remains the favorite moving forward.




imageBecca is perhaps the most difficult to figure out, and that may be because we know the least about her, yet here she is in the final three. [Spoiler: She’s moving on as a finalist.]  We do know that she has never been in love and that she is a virgin…something Chris learns after he invites her into the fantasy suite. Chris, I’m a virgin. Uhhh.. *long audible sigh* that’s surprising. Her reaction to that exchange: I couldn’t have hoped for a better response.  Really?!  We also learn that she is confused about what love might be and is trying to figure out what exactly it is.  What’s love, Ron? from Anchorman immediately popped in mind when she asked Chris if this is what falling in love is. Becca’s entire family gave off terrible vibes during the hometown date talking about her lack of ever having a relationship; Becca continues to give mixed signals and comes off very wispy washy about how she feels about Chris, whether she’s ready for a relationship, and whether she’d be willing to move to Iowa. All huge red flags, but after a bizarre rose ceremony where Chris asks her to walk with him and talk (both Whitney and Kaitlyn think he’s send her home at this point) she is able to convince him that she is interested and he gives her a rose over Kaitlyn. Wow.



To be honest, before the episode started, I thought that Whitney and Becca would end up with roses (which they did). However, as the episode unfolded, I really didn’t see Becca getting one because of her hesitation and seeming lack of interest.

Thoughts going into the final:

Chris Harrison showed up…he has been largely absent throughout much of the journey and has not acted as the counselor that we have seen in seasons past (excluding JP of course). Which actually brings up a side rant about Chris being viewed and painted as so genuine and such a good guy, even though he has been arguably much more disrespectful to the girls in terms of making out with all of them, all of the time, and in front of them. Yet somehow JP remains the bigger villain. I guess you can get away with anything if you’re a wholesome farmer from the Midwest.

Kaitlyn, yes I feel bad for you because I believe you that it hurt and it was no fun to be put through that. However, you’re way too cool and would have felt trapped in Iowa. Also, you are great on camera, and you are my choice for the next bachelorette.

Whitney is the more mature and ready candidate for Chris. She has also made her enthusiasm very clear from day one. But I just don’t get her attraction to him.

Becca is a wild card. Not ready, and perhaps not interested. But it’s being teased like this is an extremely tough choice for Chris…so maybe there’s something about him having to win her over that he likes. They also do seem like they have had the most normal dates, which may be a testament to the, being able to survive the mundanity of daily life on the farm together.

At this point, I still think Whitney wins.

The final episode promises to be full of drama and heartbreak. But before we get there, we have the women tell all next week….should be some interesting stories there.


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