What are your presets??

14 Mar

I drive to and from work everyday….about a 40 minute drive each way, depending on how treacherous I95 happens to be on any given day (without traffic it would be a 15 minute drive). This amount of commuting, while certainly not terrible, does give me a bit of time in the car each day.  Rather than sit in silence or spend it cursing all of the terrible drivers (there are plenty!), I spend most of that time listening to the radio.

On my way to and from work, I tend to listen to talk radio. My talk radio is basically split 3 ways (or 2 depending on how you want to look at it). Sports talk, and news.  I get two different ESPN stations that have different programming that I bounce back and forth on, and I also listen to NPR.  If I had to guess, I would say that about 75% of my time is spent listening to one of the two sports stations while the other 25% is spent listening to NPR.

When Em and I happen to be bopping around either in the evening or on the weekends, then it is less likely that we will listen to those stations. It’s more likely that we will try to find some jams. (I’m just not sure she’d appreciate or be interested in sports talk, although I have told her that there is probably a good chunk of interesting interviews that aren’t necessarily all sports that she would enjoy and be interested in…we’re still working on that!) So what are my preset stations for my car radio??


ESPN west palm beach

ESPN West Palm Beach


1: Latin musica – great variety of salsa, bachata, reggaeton, and pop latino (this used to be a second NPR station until I found this current one that I really like)

2: Rap / island music

3: Rap / hip hop music (between 2 and 3 is a pop/top 40s station that we sometimes flip to)

4: NPR

5: ESPN West Palm

6: ESPN Miami

So basically my top row is for my music, and my bottom row is for my commute to and from work every day.  So do my presets say anything about me? I don’t know, although I guess it says a little about the type of music that I listen to, even though the vast majority of my time in the car is actually spent listening to talk radio rather than tunes. I guess maybe it also shows a bit of weirdness in me and my organization style in that I have them arranged a specific way…

What are your presets, and does they say anything about you??


Note: Yes, I have presets for am radio as well, but come on… I also do have a second set of 6 presets that I could use for fm radio, however, here I’m just talking about my normal fm presets that I actually use.

Note: This is the first place that I have lived where I have had an ESPN station, or any sports talk station, available to me (at least that I’ve been aware of). When we lived up in Orlando, I listened to NPR for 90%+ of my daily commute (about 45-60minutes each way). I sometimes feel a little guilty and feel like I should be listening to more NPR down here, although the sports radio is where I tend to get most of my sports news and updates as I rarely watch any sports stuff on tv. So I justify it to myself!


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