Let the Madness Begin

19 Mar

We are just moments away from the tip-off of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, perhaps better known as “March Madness.”  This is what the entire season has been building to over the past few months, as someone will be crowned Champion in just a few short weeks. It is also one of the most exciting blocks of time in all of sport, as there is an incredible amount of action condensed in a very short time. Couple this action with the fact that upsets do occur – and quite frequently at that – and you’ve got a recipe for must see tv.

The games run solidly for the first weekend of the tournament from just before noon until just around midnight. So you’re looking at about 12 solid hours of entertaining college hoops for four days straight. Today the tournament starts with 64 teams, and by Sunday night, the field will be narrowed to the Sweet Sixteen.  Who will wind up in that field of sixteen is anyone’s guess.

And guess people do. Aside from the sheer entertainment of watching college basketball in large quantities with plenty of upsets, the amount of betting and office pools that accompany the tournament is incredible!  People, regardless of whether they know anything or care about college basketball at all, fill out brackets and hand over their $5 (or more – hey, watch out there high roller!) just hoping that they have picked the right balance of upsets and strong teams to make deep runs into the tournament and eventually win. And sometimes it seems that the less you know or have paid attention, the better off your bracket is…

This year, I didn’t enter any big office pools, but I still did fill out a bracket. And truth be told, this year I have probably paid less attention and seen fewer college basketball games than I have in a long time. (So maybe that means this will be one of my better brackets!)  Em also filled out a bracket, and she watched and paid even less attention than I did (which is very normal).  So that probably means her bracket will be mine….

In any case, I’m hoping to catch a decent amount of the tournament this year to catch up on and quench my college basketball appetite – which was severely lacking this year. Check out our picks below (both filled out completely separate from one another), and feel free to add your own picks or comment:


 march madness tournament


march madness bracket


Of course, the last time we compared and competed against one another, Em ended up beating me.  But maybe this year is my year… Side Note: I do have a horse in the race….I did enter in a “survivor league” via ESPN radio, and I have Michigan State, which is really not a terrible pick. If they win, then I win. So I’m rooting for the Spartans and Tom Izzo to win it all (even though I selected Kentucky in my bracket).  In any event, I’m hoping to catch as many games as possible, and hoping for as many good games as possible!


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  1. emetroka

    April 17, 2015 at 2:23 PM

    You need to post an update!!



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