mango salsa and a crafty wife

09 May

Cheers to another delicious meal that we recently made: tilapia with mango salsa and a potato – zucchini – tomato hash on the side. We have a mango tree in the backyard, and will probably be looking for many different mango recipes to test out.

tilapia with mango salsa

trying to step up my picture game by using VSCO app that em introduced me to recently (she’s always on top of neat stuff like that) see below


The salsa was really the key to this dish, as it added a great pop of flavor, that was just the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.   The salsa consisted of diced mango, diced cucumber, diced red onion, a bit of diced jalapeno, cilantro, and lime juice. [Truth and transparency, I’ve always said that I don’t particularly care for mango salsas, but this was was truly delicious! Kudos to Em for making it on her own, regardless of what I thought I liked!] It was really delightfully fresh and light to go along with the potato hash, which is a little bit more substantial.


mango salsa


Now I’m going to go on a brief tangent about my wife. My wife is pretty awesome (one of the reasons that I am lucky to be married to her!), and she does lots of awesome things. One instance is the above-mentioned mango salsa, where she knew that I wouldn’t be the one to try making it, so she forged ahead on her own and made a great little salsa that I really ended up enjoying.  Of course that’s a very small example, but it’s indicative of the broader picture.

I often tell my wife that she is an idealist, and she is sometimes not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. [I always try to assure her it’s the former.] One of the things that I mean by idealist is that she is always thinking up new projects and ideas that we can do, regardless of the scope of the project. Occasionally, I am the “pragmatic one” and have to talk her out of some projects or at least scale them back. But so many of the projects that we have done and enjoyed have turned out really well, and have really been the result of my lovely wife’s gung-ho “we got this” (idealistic) attitude.

Things like making mango salsa (above), and making mango jam (coming soon) from scratch are just two small examples. Like when I went away to work one day and came home to a practically finished DIY pallet table, or she convinced us to make a dining room table (an example where I helped scale back ever so slightly and it ended up really well), to refinishing the cushions to our couch (Trokspot’s biggest viewership draw), to turning the library into a larger-than-life garden for the kids, her baking projects, to our current backyard garden project. I love all of our projects, but it’s often her big ideas that get the ball rolling.

And it’s not just big projects that make her crafty. She’s usually on top of things with technology, and helps keep me updated as well. We have made a couple of fun videos that she has edited and put together, she designed our wedding invitations, she knows about and uses resources like, neat websites for easy art projects, and even a new photo editor app VSCO she introduced me to that really enhances pictures (I’d highly recommend it). She’s always on the lookout for neat crafts, projects, and technology (perfect fit as a children’s librarian!), and that’s just one of the reasons I love her.


she even drew this pretty neat cartoonized version of our little fam

she even drew this pretty neat cartoonized version of our little fam






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