garden project, and mangoes

17 May

I mentioned just a couple weeks ago that we were beginning a garden project.  Em loves the idea of growing some of our own delicious veggies, and I can’t say that I disagree with that!  When it comes to food, we are both enthusiasts…so why not try growing some of our own!?!  Our little garden project was really not too difficult…it probably only took about 2-3 days worth of work, though we did it over the course of two different weekends. And it also wasn’t too expensive! Here’s what we did….

First, we had to clear out the weed patch that at some point may have been a garden of some type.  This was the work that we – basically Em while I mowed – achieved on day one. It only took a few hours of work to get done…just enough time to work up a good sweat!

garden before pic

our garden: “before”

our garden: 2-3 hours after

our garden: 2-3 hours after

The following weekend, we got back down to business and finished up in just an afternoon of work.  We took a trip to our local Home Depot to get some wood, soil, and a couple of tomato plants to make the raised garden bed.  It really wasn’t too bad…we decided to make a 5 x 4 foot garden, and we used 2 x 8 inch boards for the perimeter. In opposite corners we put a 4 x 4 inch post about 6-8 inches deep to act as an anchor. Then we put in a weed netting along the bottom of the bed and stapled it into the sides of the boards to hold it in place.

home depot - plants and lumber

home depot – plants and lumber



Next, we filled it with dirt. We used a combination of Miracle Gro soil and also a manure compost/fertilizer. To fill the bed with what seemed to be about the right amount of dirt, we used 5 bags of .75 cubic foot Miracle Gro, and about 6 bags of 1 cubic foot compost/fertilizer.

stapling in the weed netting

stapling in the weed netting

dirt dumpin'

dirt dumpin’

We also bought 4 tomato plants at Home Depot. These are allegedly “heat tolerant” tomato plants…so the goal is that they will do well in the Florida sun. In addition, Em had some seeds for zucchini, cucumber, and bean pods. We are both pretty darn impressed that the seeds have already sprouted quite a bit!  It seems that it’s only a matter of time before we will be feasting on some of these delicious veggies.

plenty of watering...

plenty of watering…


and poof – some healthy looking sprouts!

Our trip to Home Depot, which included the wood, the soil, and 4 tomato plants only set us back about $50 bucks!  Not too shabby for a nice little garden that is off to a promising start!

In addition to the garden that we built, we were lucky enough to inherit a very fruitful mango tree. It’s quite large, and has produced quite a bit of fruit. One thing that we noticed is that when we waited for the fruit to fall on its own, it was often half-eaten by squirrels and whatever else can get to them. We were probably missing out on about two-thirds of the fruit that we could have had. Thankfully, Em’s manager recently told us that she had a picker that she did not need, so we were able to harvest quite a bit of fruit this weekend…before the critters got to them!

picking mangoes

mango pickin’

mango picking

so many mangoes!

so many mangoes!

Between our veggies and our mangoes, we may just be able to live off the land – right in our very own backyard!

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