Beer buying will never be the same…

06 Jun

I recently discovered this pretty neat app, and let me go ahead and tell you that buying beer will never be the same.  This app will actually pay you – with real money! – to buy certain types of beer. [Note: They do this with all kinds of goods, but I was most excited about the beer!] The app is: Ibotta.  Go download it for free, and start buying stuff!

Here’s how it works… There are various categories [e.g. Alcohol/Spirits, Grocery, Retail, Restaurant, etc.) that each offer various rebates for certain products. All you have to do is complete an extremely simple task, and then submit a picture of your receipt through the app. You will then be credited the amount specified for your purchase! And it comes as cash, not store credit or gift cards!  Pretty neat. But wait – when you download the app, use the code AGUGVVC and we will be ‘teammates’ to help each other earn extra bonuses and cash!  Pretty easy.

ibotta referral code

Check out a couple of the beer discounts:



As you can see, these aren’t just 50 cents off your entire purchase. These are pretty substantial discounts for some pretty decent beers and other various drinks. Yesterday, I went to Publix and bought a 12 pack of Shock Top ($5 back), and a 6 pack of Kona ($2 back) for about $22 in the store. However, thanks to the app, I’m getting $7 back for those purchases…and I’d be buying beer either way, so I might as well get something back! All of a sudden, I got 18 good beers for about $15, which is probably what 18 cheaper (Bud Lite) would cost me.  Score!

And if you’re worried about the “tasks” to unlock the beers, don’t be! Some are just to watch a 30 second commercial, some are 1 question surveys, and some are just neat facts.


(The answer is G: All of the Above!  Why not learn a few Hawaiian words…)


Pretty darn easy!  And like I said before, you can use this app for all kinds of purchases – not just beer/alcohol.  Of course, for me the beer rebates alone are enough to make it worth it for me! [Note: Sorry to my Indiana friends, but because Indiana is Indiana, you are not allowed to participate in the alcohol rebates, although you still can participate in all of the other categories. There are a few other states that also do not allow beer rebates – you will know after you download the app!]  So let me know if you are downloading the app, and maybe our “Team” can score a few extra bucks here and there for things that you would already be buying, but are now being paid to buy!


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3 responses to “Beer buying will never be the same…

  1. yvshum

    June 6, 2015 at 8:00 PM

    Alright, I’m interested in the app. I started the download, but haven’t registered yet. Let me know if there’s a referral code?



  2. trokspot

    June 6, 2015 at 8:28 PM

    Just sent the link!



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