Occupations: Democrat vs Republican

09 Aug

In the wake of the much watched and discussed Republican debate – and the impending political battles and coverage that we will soon be bombarded with – I decided that now is a great time to share this really cool, interactive chart.  The chart shows many different occupational categories and shows the breakdown of Democrat / Republican within each category. The top half of the chart shows opposing party association within similar fields (e.g. “Flight Attendant” leans Democrat while “Pilot” leans Republican).  And if you scroll down about halfway, then it will get a bit more specific, and you are able to break out categories into several sub-categories (e.g. “sales” breaks out into “car sales”, “pharm sales”, “retail sales”, “software sales” etc.).

Here are a couple of examples:

Screenshot 2015-08-09 at 10.41.01 PM

Screenshot 2015-08-09 at 10.42.05 PM


Again, it’s a pretty neat chart, and one that certainly seems pretty timely at this point. The chart is based off campaign contributions; not a perfect measure, but this does seem to have some good face validity just looking through – the occupations seem about what I would have expected.  Will this explain what went on this past week at the Repulican debate? No, but I don’t think anything can quite explain what went on. But the chart is still definitely worth a look and worth keeping in mind as we begin to get bombarded with political coverage – polls, pundits, debates, and the entire circus. Again HERE is the link to the interactive chart.


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