weekend lunches

16 Aug

For most of the summer, we have had somewhat of a weekend lunch routine. So consider this a version of a “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week” but also know that this is something pretty simple that we have actually had most weeks this summer.  It’s tuna salad. That’s right, your good ol’ fashioned, plain Jane tuna salad. Although ours is hopefully not too plain Jane.

We use your typical canned tuna, along with a dollop of mayo and some salt and pepper. Pretty simple and quick to throw together. Our only little trick is that we also add a bit of horse radish as well to our mixture. [Each of these you can add to your desired taste – mayo to level of dryness/moistness, horse radish to level of zing/kick, and salt and pepper to taste.]  The most important thing about any tuna salad sandwich is the slice of tomato that goes on the sandwich. In fact, I’ve even had the tuna salad sandwich without bread – just a bit of the tuna salad mixture on top of a slice of tomato. [PS. If you are going to have a sandwich, be sure to toast the bread!] We are lucky to be close to a great little market where we get fresh, delicious tomatoes for a very good price, along with a lot of other great, fresh produce.

tuna salad sandwich


So here you have it, the tuna salad that you complained about as a kid has now become a weekend staple for us. We love it with the bit of horse radish kick and the nice slice of tomato on toasted bread (above also has some home grown lettuce as well). The whole thing takes about 5 minutes to assemble, so it’s quick and easy on the weekend afternoons. Tuna is also high in protein and pretty healthy, which is a nice bonus (just don’t over do it with the mayo if you’re trying to stay healthy!). Wendy also loves it because we usually give her one of the empty cans to lick – a real treat for that little puppy!

As Always: Eat. Be Happy. 

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