pickled asparagus

16 Sep

She’s at it again…. I’m gone for an afternoon and I come home to a new project courtesy of my lovely wife. Thankfully, she is often successful. Even more thankfully, this particular project was successful – and edible. She decided to make pickled asparagus, which may sound a little bizarre when you first hear it, but it really just tastes like a nice pickle (which, of course, it is).

She was inspired by this recipe [of course, I think she was also partially inspired by the new mason jars she bought on the sly while I was away as well….nothing says pickle me like a new mason jar], and she said it really wasn’t too difficult.  She was also able to microwave the pickling brine rather than putting it on the stove which made it a bit quicker. She also went with no dill and no full peppercorns. You can adjust to your own taste, of course. One thing that is to our own taste when it come to asparagus generally – and also seemed to work quite well for the pickling – was to use thin asparagus stalks. Some people like the thicker, meatier asparagus, but we both prefer thinner, so it made perfect sense for us to use those when pickling as well.  We even used the asparagus as sandwich pickles for one of our favorite weekend lunches (tuna salad sandwiches with tomatoes – see previous post). And with the pickling liquid and spice from the recipe, I am sure that there are a number of vegetables that would be quite tasty pickled – give it a shot!.


pickled asparagus


As Always. Eat. Be Happy. 

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