weekend lunches

For most of the summer, we have had somewhat of a weekend lunch routine. So consider this a version of a “Best Thing I’ve Eaten This Week” but also know that this is something pretty simple that we have actually had most weeks this summer.  It’s tuna salad. That’s right, your good ol’ fashioned, plain Jane tuna salad. Although ours is hopefully not too plain Jane.

We use your typical canned tuna, along with a dollop of mayo and some salt and pepper. Pretty simple and quick to throw together. Our only little trick is that we also add a bit of horse radish as well to our mixture. [Each of these you can add to your desired taste – mayo to level of dryness/moistness, horse radish to level of zing/kick, and salt and pepper to taste.]  The most important thing about any tuna salad sandwich is the slice of tomato that goes on the sandwich. In fact, I’ve even had the tuna salad sandwich without bread – just a bit of the tuna salad mixture on top of a slice of tomato. [PS. If you are going to have a sandwich, be sure to toast the bread!] We are lucky to be close to a great little market where we get fresh, delicious tomatoes for a very good price, along with a lot of other great, fresh produce.

tuna salad sandwich


So here you have it, the tuna salad that you complained about as a kid has now become a weekend staple for us. We love it with the bit of horse radish kick and the nice slice of tomato on toasted bread (above also has some home grown lettuce as well). The whole thing takes about 5 minutes to assemble, so it’s quick and easy on the weekend afternoons. Tuna is also high in protein and pretty healthy, which is a nice bonus (just don’t over do it with the mayo if you’re trying to stay healthy!). Wendy also loves it because we usually give her one of the empty cans to lick – a real treat for that little puppy!

As Always: Eat. Be Happy. 

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Occupations: Democrat vs Republican

In the wake of the much watched and discussed Republican debate – and the impending political battles and coverage that we will soon be bombarded with – I decided that now is a great time to share this really cool, interactive chart.  The chart shows many different occupational categories and shows the breakdown of Democrat / Republican within each category. The top half of the chart shows opposing party association within similar fields (e.g. “Flight Attendant” leans Democrat while “Pilot” leans Republican).  And if you scroll down about halfway, then it will get a bit more specific, and you are able to break out categories into several sub-categories (e.g. “sales” breaks out into “car sales”, “pharm sales”, “retail sales”, “software sales” etc.).

Here are a couple of examples:

Screenshot 2015-08-09 at 10.41.01 PM

Screenshot 2015-08-09 at 10.42.05 PM


Again, it’s a pretty neat chart, and one that certainly seems pretty timely at this point. The chart is based off campaign contributions; not a perfect measure, but this does seem to have some good face validity just looking through – the occupations seem about what I would have expected.  Will this explain what went on this past week at the Repulican debate? No, but I don’t think anything can quite explain what went on. But the chart is still definitely worth a look and worth keeping in mind as we begin to get bombarded with political coverage – polls, pundits, debates, and the entire circus. Again HERE is the link to the interactive chart.


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the bachelorette, final 2

Congratulations, Kaitlyn, you eliminated the last normal suitor from the show.  Ben H., it’s been real. You were an excellent speech maker right up to the very end, but you will not be making speeches any longer, my friend.  And that means – drum roll please…………

Screenshot 2015-07-14 at 9.31.11 PM

We are down to the final two. And boy do those two hate one another. Nick, the shady character, and Shawn, the brooding jealous guy.  They genuinely do seem to dislike one another – and that’s putting it mildly. At this point with these two left, I think that Em might be right in that Kaitlyn will be the first ever bachelor(ette) to end up with no one. [Note: We actively avoid spoilers, so if we are right on this one, it’s because we’re perceptive. And if we’re wrong on this one, it’s because we actively avoid spoilers…]

The show has really been driven by Nick’s late appearance which was a bizarre wrinkle in the show (along with the entire process of “choosing” the bachelorette up front). That plot twist led to Shawn’s pure hatred of Nick from the get-go, and really the show has since focused on those two and the burning hatred between them. Whether it’s verbal confrontations, long camera shots of glaring stares, or confessionals stating how much they hated one another – that has been the story. And that story has only been reinforced by Kaitlyn – countless chats with Shawn about Nick, confessionals of her feeling guilty and worried about those two, many tears spilled worrying about them, and now deciding to keep those two as the finalists. It has become almost bigger than the “story within the story” – it has become the story.

So Kaitlyn, if we are right and you end up with neither, you might actually be in better shape than choosing one of them. I did predict at the end of Chris’s season that you would be the bachelorette, and I also said that I was worried it would end up ruining you…even as one of the most entertaining and engaging personalities from that season.  Maybe it’s best to cut your losses and say no to both. Otherwise you run the risk of ending up with one of these two:


Screenshot 2015-07-14 at 8.21.05 PM


-Shady character

-Called out Andi on national TV in the previous season

-Talks with a low mumble and super shifty eyes

-Loves scarves and skinny khaki/corduroy pants

-Is “deep” – meaning way to serious and emo

-Has a super bizarre family with like a million relatives







Screenshot 2015-07-14 at 8.51.49 PM


-Will never get over the fact that you dated 30 other dudes

-Will never get past you and Nick

-Is super brooding and serious

-Will never get past you and Nick

-Will never get past you and Nick

-Although he does have a great bod…





For now, we will have to wait an extra week for the drama to unfold…. The next episode will be “the men tell all” episode, which is a great way to try to publicly shame and air dirty laundry for all who were involved in the drama that is the bachelorette.  I have a feeling there will be some interesting questions and topics that are covered….

Healer Tony

Zombie Joe

JJ and Clint  (an item??)

Cupcake (last seen sobbing on a cliff in Ireland)

Jared and his boyish charm

D-bag Ian  (he would be great given the opportunity to be the bachelor…)

Josh and his half-shaven head

And maybe even an update of Britt and Brady in the friend zone…


And of course, they’ll probably also be announcing the future bachelor – or at least alluding to it – on the show. My top picks for now are as follows:

  1. Ben Z. –  The guy is an athlete and ruggedly handsome. Plus he did soften up just enough to let everyone know that there is a sensitive side to him, which of course ABC wants for anyone who will be on the show. I’m pulling for Ben Z.
  2. Ben H. – While I think he’s a little bland, he is a great at giving little speeches, and he played the game well. No one hated him, there’s no drama, and he was one of the last dudes hanging around which does give him a realistic shot.
  3. Jared – I think this is a long shot because I think that Jared isn’t someone that people would immediately find appealing or compelling, yet, like Farmer Chris, Jared did a great job of showing how genuine and what a great guy he was throughout the season. (Although, I do wonder how happy ABC was with Chris’s season, so maybe that doesn’t work in Jared’s favor…)

Until next time friends….


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how american is your beer?

Today is the 4th of July, a day when many grill out, watch fireworks, and crack open a few beers – all to honor America, of course. There will be plenty of ‘Murica-ing throughout the day and throughout the many beer toasts… But I saw an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal just the other day circulating that begs the question, “How American is Your Beer?” (originally written in July 2014). It’s an interesting chart, and worth a share here.

beer ownership and market share

beer ownership and market share

As you can see, Anheuser-Busch (AB) pretty well dominates the market with Bud Light, Budweiser, Bush, Natural, and Michelob.  They are also one of the most “American” beers when it comes to branding and perception. And they really did use to be owned and brewed in the good ol’ USofA, but some may remember that they were actually bought in 2008 by a Belgian company, InBev. Thus, not quite as American as we might like to think (though it is still brewed in America).

As you can also see above, the Miller beer family is owned by a parent company in England (again, brewed in the USA). Coor’s has dual headquarters in Canada and the USA, which may make them both the least American and also the most Canadian (sharing headquarters – essentially a tie!).  Corona and Modelo, interestingly enough, are owned by a US company, but still brewed in Mexico (the opposite of Anheuser-Busch and Miller).

If you want American owned and brewed beer, the top three in the market are Yuengling, Pabst, and Sam Adams. Of course, with the huge explosion of craft beer interest, there are plenty of additional options that are owned and brewed in the US – those craft breweries just don’t have the reach or distribution to grab a notable share of the market (and be careful that some of those craft breweries then get bought out by big companies – i.e. Blue Moon and Goose Island – and are no longer the small/local craft beer that you may imagine!). But whichever you decide to drink, you can still enjoy and salute to America! (I have Heineken and Tecate in the fridge courtesy of this awesome app that gives me discounts on beer, so no confusion about my beer not being American).  Either way: Happy Fourth of July!








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weekend getaway in key west

Not long ago, Em and I took our first trip down to the Keys. We’ve been in Florida for a little over two years now, and in South Florida for a little over a year, so we decided it was finally time to make the trip. It was a combo birthday trip as well, my 30th and her 27th, and my fam all pitched in as a birthday gift to help send us on our way! What a great gift! We decided to make the full trek all the way down to Key West, the southernmost point in the continental United States. We only planned for a weekend trip, and we knew that time would fly, so we tried to do a little looking around online and also talk to some people who had been several times to get an idea of places to see and things to do. This particular review on TripAdvisor was quite helpful, as it was “3 Days in Key West.”  So below is our own 2-3 Days in Key West (Friday – Sunday).

We decided to go with airbnb instead of going with the traditional hotel or bed and breakfast. To stay in downtown (historic) Key West in one of those places will get awfully pricey, awfully quickly. Most of the places that we looked at were going to cost over $250/night. That quickly adds up to a very expensive trip before you’ve even done or seen anything. Airbnb provides a great alternative, with lots of different options. We ended up choosing a listing on Sugarloaf Key at Mile Marker 19 for $125/night, about a 25-30 minute drive into downtown Key West. Friday and Saturday we drove into Key West, paid for public parking for the afternoon, and used our bikes to get around the island throughout the day. Important Tip: You will absolutely want a bike or scooter to explore the island. Bring your own if you have one; if not, there are plenty to rent!

Friday (Day 1):

We left Friday morning around 10am. We wanted to avoid morning traffic through Fort Lauderdale and Miami, and we also wanted to time our arrival to be close to the 3pm check in time. Our commute was a bit over four hours, so we knew we would want to try to stop some place in one of the northern keys for some lunch. We wanted to find a neat/local place to stop. We ended up at a place called Alabama Jack’s – a true dive bar/establishment that is off the beaten path and right on a swamp in Key Largo. We both had specials of the day – I had Mahi Mahi fish tacos, and Em had a dolphin reuben sandwich. My tacos were good, not great; and Em’s sandwich was very good. The atmosphere was very cool.

alabama jack's

alabama jack's

alabama jack's

lunch view at alabama jack’s


We did a quick check-in at our house, and made it into downtown Key West around 4pm. We parked our car at a public lot, and began to explore Duvall Street – the main drag in Key West. We could not have been happier that we brought our bikes to get around…it’s so quick and easy, and there are bikes and scooters everywhere, so drivers are generally very careful and patient for those on bikes. The bikes are not only easier and quicker, they also help to provide a bit of a breeze while you’re riding instead of slogging all over the island by foot under the hot sun! Our first little pop-in was at Vinos on Duvall where we enjoyed $5 sangrias.  This is a great spot to sit on the front porch and people watch for a bit! We liked both, but agreed that the white sangria was tastier than the red.

vinos on duvall street



After that, we biked up and down Duvall Street a bit longer and eventually found our way to Mallory Square – where a lot of the sunset action happens. We were looking for a place to eat where we would be able to watch the sunset as well. We ended up at Sunset Pier, appropriately named. This place is kind of an island bar and grill style place. So the food is a little more casual (although not necessarily price-wise), but the view and atmosphere are what you are really there for, and that cannot be beaten. We did get there a bit early (around 6pm), and that ended up working out well because as the sunset time approached (8:15pm), the place was packed, and we already had our oceanside seats!

sunset pier key west

sunset pier key west

The food at Sunset Pier was good, not great. We ordered crab cakes, conch fritters, and a Mahi sandwich to split. We were not huge fans of the conch fritters (conch in general – but we had to try while in Key West!), but the crab cakes were very good, and the sandwich was good. Again, you’re here for the view and atmosphere first, food second. After the sun went down, we decided we were done for Day 1, so we packed our bikes and drove the thirty minutes back to our place to watch a little tv before bed (what a treat that we were flipping back and forth between Over the Top and Rocky IV – big Stallone night!).


Saturday (Day 2):

We woke up Saturday morning and went to get breakfast at the local diner/bar about a mile and a half up the road from where we were staying, Mangrove Mamas.  Let me tell you that the breakfast we had here was absolutely delicious. It is great diner breakfast food, if you’re into that – and we are! We have this thing that no matter where we go for breakfast, one of us always tries the eggs benedict. They were delicious here. [Important Tip: When ordering eggs benedict anywhere, substitute the Canadian bacon that usually comes with bennies for sausage patties. So worth it!] This place also seems to be the place to go for evening drinks and live music if you’re staying on Sugarloaf Key. (We never made it here for the evening drinking / entertainment.)

mangrove mamas


After breakfast, we decided to take advantage of one of the little perks that cam with our airbnb location that we picked out – kayaks. We decided to take the kayaks out (to the bay side for a much easier ride!), and really enjoyed some time out on the water. We went by some pretty neat houses that were right on the water, saw several boats on the water, and just enjoyed being on the water under the sun. The water itself was very shallow where we were – probably only about 3 feet deep in most places and even more shallow than that in others!

kayaking in the keys

We were told by people to make sure that we do some type of excursion while, whether it be snorkeling, a sunset cruise, or something else (Fury came highly recommended by a friend). We absolutely considered some of those options, but we decided to enjoy the kayaks as our own little excursion since we already had access to them and we both enjoy that activity.


We then cleaned up a bit and headed back into Key West a bit after noon. We parked using public parking, and were once again so glad that someone had told us ahead of time how handy bikes would be on the island. Our very first stop was the public library. It was a fairly small library and we didn’t really do anything here, but whenever possible Em likes to stop in and visit libraries of places we go. As a children’s librarian, she is always interested to see the children’s space and pick up some fliers and handouts to see what kind of programming they are doing.

key west public library


Then we popped over to Sloppy Joe’s, a favorite bar on Duvall Street. We split a famous sloppy joe for a late lunch / snack, and grabbed a beer while enjoying some live music in the middle of the afternoon. Yes, the sloppy joe really was quite delicious, a worthy name-sake for the bar. Fun fact, as the musician on stage was taking a short break, he grabbed his little puppy from his empty guitar case on stage and took him outside for a quick walk…the guy’s puppy was just napping in his guitar case on stage as he was up there playing and singing! Only in Key West…




We hopped on our bikes and traveled across the island to the Key West Garden Club and West Martello Tower (the same place). This is a National Historic Site, as it is actually the ruins of Fort Taylor. The fort was meant to be built in the early 1830’s, but work was started and stopped many times before finished in 1866. It was then used off and on before becoming home to the Key West Garden Club and now houses the gardens.  The site is completely free, and it is an interesting place to walk through and also see some lovely views out over the ocean, and the gardens themselves.

west martello towers key west garden club

west martello tower key west

em loves banyan trees

sneaky in the gardens

sneaky in the gardens


One of the other nice things about visiting the gardens is that it gets you to the south side of the island. This is one of the famous picture spots in Key West – the southernmost point in the continental USA is just a couple of blocks away. Of course, we popped over on our bikes to get a picture. (We decided not to wait in line to get our own picture with the landmark – the nice looking couple below will do.

southernmost point in the united states

90 miles to Cuba!


After this we headed to a little coffee shop, the Coffee Plantation Coffee House. It’s a fun little coffee house that offered a great place for us to sit out of the sun for a short bit while sipping on some iced coffee – just what the doctor ordered in the middle of a hot afternoon full of biking. After we enjoyed our brief respite, we decided to bop around a bit more as we headed towards the place we had decided on for dinner – Bien Caribbean Latino Restaurant. This place was ranked as one of the top restaurants to eat in Key West. But be warned – this is not a typical sit down restaurant. It almost operates as if it is a food truck. They have a very small inside area (no seating) where you order, and then just outside they have a few benches with small tables where you can eat. We decided to sit at one of the benches to eat, but we also saw plenty of people order theirs to go.

While it’s not the place you would want to go if you are looking for a nice/fancy, sit-down dinner, we both agreed that the food was incredible. They have a grilled corn on the cob that is possibly the most flavorful food item I have ever eaten – fire grilled with aioli, lime juice, cilantro, parmesan, and paprika. It was so good. They also have a list of incredibly flavorful sandwiches (Em got one – delicious), and also some island rice bowls (I got one – delicious).  The food was absolutely delicious and packed with so many bright flavors – but again, it’s more food truck than fancy, so maybe not the place to go if you are wanted to get dressed up and go some place nice.

Screenshot 2015-06-28 at 3.37.19 PM


We were quite stuffed after all of the delicious food that we ate at Bien, but while getting there (near the coffee shop) we had passed another spot that I wanted to make sure we stopped at, Bo’s Fish Wagon. This was a dive bar for sure, and so Key West. There were roosters running around everywhere (yes, live roosters are a fairly common occurrence all over Key West), little chickens wandering around, a beat up (non-working) truck almost acting as a wall at one end of the place. We didn’t try the food as we had just eaten, but we definitely like the beat-up island bar feel, so we did stop in for a drink.

rooster in key west

rooster on top of beat up truck at bo’s fish wagon


After our beer, we hopped back on our backs and went back to Mallory Square. We didn’t go into the restaurant area at Sunset Pier that we had eaten at the night before, but just to the side of that is a big open area with lots of street performers, and a great place to watch the sunset. So we enjoyed some fire juggling, handstands and acrobatics, some nice easy island singing, and even a nice hippy encouraging people to stay in love and spread the love. We found a little ledge to sit and enjoy the sunset while listening to some nice music. It was truly a lovely evening. Once again, we decided to head home after the sunset. [Note: Key West does seem like the kind of place that gets hopping at night with a fairly rowdy bar scene. Since we had a 30 minute drive – and were actually driving – we didn’t stick around for the late night action, but I’m sure it would be a good time.]


Sunday (Day 3):

On Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the close proximity and delicious breakfast options of Mangrove Mama’s once again, and then we begin our trip back north. We had decided ahead of time that we wanted to stop mile marker 37 at one of the state parks – Bahia Honda – that is supposed to have some of the prettiest beaches in all of Florida. We paid our $9 bucks to go in, hiked one of the trails up to where one of the original bridges was built (no longer in use) and saw some pretty incredible views. I’ll add here that the entire drive down to Key West was filled with spectacular views – the water glistens and has so many shades of blue and aqua that you would probably think it was all fake if you saw it in a picture. Not to mention that for much of the drive you can see the water on either side of you – look to the left – beautiful views, look to the right – beautiful views. [Note: The drive into and out of the Keys is a one lane, one road trip for much of the way. Be prepared that depending on the traffic and time of day, it will likely be slow going. The speed limit is also a bit slower most of the way (45-55mph) and I hear that the police strictly enforce those limits.]

bahia honda bridge

bahia honda state park

bahia honda state park


Shortly after our hike, it started to sprinkle a bit. So we decided to pack up our things and make our way back home. We’re lucky enough that we are able to hit the beach pretty much whenever we want, so cutting the beach day a bit short in Bahia Honda was not a huge deal for us.

Overall, we loved our trip to Key West – thanks again to the fam who pitched in as a birthday gift!  We felt like we got to see and do a lot in the limited amount of time there. I’m sure that we missed some things – maybe next time! – but we absolutely did love what we saw and did. The views along the way were fantastic, the food was really quite good at the places we ate, the sunsets were great, and it was all in all just a fun little town with its own style and quirkiness that we really enjoyed.



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bachelorette update.

Well friends, I missed one in between, but how about a nice little b-party update…  Lot of action. We left off – and started – with Ian.

Ian seemed like a decent guy….until he started talking. Apparently he is better than all of the other guys there because he is a Princeton grad…and he has a LOT of sex with a LOT of women. But apparently Kaitlyn and the Bachelorette is too anti-intellectual for him. I get it, you put a bunch of bros together and the fart and sex joke will flow…. But you lose all credibility when you follow your “I’m deep” “I’m an intellectual” “she’s only surface level” with “god, I need to have some sex soon.”  Congratulations, Ian, you are likely the biggest d-bag ever to appear on the Bachelorette, but you made a valiant campaign for yourself to be the next bachelor, and made sure to tell everyone that you would be great if 25 women were all trying to date you. Sure, wouldn’t we all??

ian bachelorette

yes, biggest d-bag ever

And while this was happening, Nick, the sly dog, was prepared to take advantage. He’s played this game before (Andi) and knows when to take advantage of a great opportunity. So he goes to comfort Kaitlyn while the other dudes sit around dumbfounded. JJ actually says it best, “Damn, Nick just landmined us…”  Well said JJ…for once you are absolutely correct.

Then we finally get to the rose ceremony. This season, they have really been dragging things out for us to try and build the drama. Instead of ending each episode with the rose ceremony like they used to, they have been teasing the rose ceremonies into the the following episode. So we’re almost halfway through the episode before we get to the rose ceremony from the previous episode. Drama building. ABC, you sly dog.

So Josh get eliminated for saying the exact truth that every single guy in the house has said. (It’s never good to be the “truthful guy.”)  But they all threw him under the bus (maybe they hated his new hair cut?!?). So it’s too bad for him, although not all that surprising.

But hey, the group is going to Ireland!

Who is going to be the first to make the first “my penis is Dublin” joke… Apparently no one. Missed opportunity.

Jared? has wanted to go to Ireland for 10 years. Specific.

And, wow, Nick sure has traveled a lot on ABC’s dime. Well played, sir.

Speaking of Nick, Shawn is fixated. Like, he just cannot get his mind off Nick at all. Even for a few seconds. Jared actually has the best advice of the episode – and probably the season – saying that you can’t control her relationships with others. All you can do is focus on your own relationship and make sure you keep that moving in the right direction. And that’s really a good sentiment to try and keep their minds off Nick…

Then Nick and Kaitlyn have sex. That’s right….all of the sex that has been teased since the very beginning of the episode. Some solid video footage of a door, while Kaitlyn and Nick are behind that door moaning and groaning. All the while, juxtaposing images of Shawn looking hurt and wondering aloud where his relationship with Kaitlyn is…

kaitlyn and nick

Note to self: When Kaitlyn asks if you want to go “hang out” back at her suite, it probably means you’re on the right track….  And, I hope Nick won’t say anything…certainly means he will let the guys know he stayed in your suite and things got intimate…. You do remember that this was the guy who spilled the beans on national tv with Andi, right?!

Then we get to the following group date. Where Kaitlyn pretends nothing happened while she lies in a casket and allows the guys to tell her what they love about her. Must be nice to be the center of attention and have a handful of guys vying for your affections. Unless one of them mentions a bread dress and getting plucked to death…then it’s just weird.

I guess they’re all just looking for some validation. To be validated. Validation. But Jared is the one who ends up validated and gets chosen from the group date. We finally get the first awkward private band moment where the bachelor(ette) dances with suitor. I honestly thought Kaitlyn might avoid that altogether, but even she couldn’t resist the quintessential weird/awkward bachelor(ette) date.  Which leaves Shawn wondering about being validated.

Which leads to Shawn going to Kaitlyn’s room. To confront her. And cut to next episode… I can only imagine how this confrontation will go when he actually discovers that she made sweet love to Nick, Shawn’s arch-nemesis. At this point, he only thinks that he wasn’t chosen from among the group date…watch out Shawn – worse news is on the horizon for you!

At this point, I think Em is onto something when she says that Kaitlyn will be the first person to end up with no one. I think that the love-making with Nick might be irreparable with the other guys, and I just don’t think I see Nick sticking it out, or her sticking with him. We shall see…

#BrittBrady update!  Congratulations, Brady, you’ve entered the friend zone. Britt’s mom called you her friend. Not just once, several times. But the good news is that you two are closer than ever…you’ve practically morphed into the same person with the hats and shirts tied around the waist! How fun.

britt and brady the bachelorette

More hot takes to come!



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the bachelorette: live tweet update

During last night’s episode of The Bachelorette, I decided to (mostly) live tweet some of the action. [Truth and transparency, we were about 30 minutes off live tv, so I wasn’t quite “live tweeting”…]  Below are some of the highlights. (Lowlights?)

The bizarre story of the episode started right where we were left hanging from the previous week – JJ and Clint’s “bromance.”  They teased a whole lot of “these guys may be more than just friends” material, and several of the quotes caught on camera and various confessionals seemed to substantiate that twist. In the end, Kaitlyn “trusted her gut” (or listened to what all 10 guys in the house told her point blank…not so sure about her “gut” at this point…) and told Clint that he had to go home. The first dude to sell out Clint after Kaitlyn told the guys was – that’s right, JJ. But don’t worry, Clint got him back with a real zinger about his tie that didn’t match quite right. JJ then tells us (or maybe convinces himself?) that he is here for a girlfriend, not a boyfriend.  Okkk….

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 6.31.20 PM


Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 6.32.34 PM


Part of becoming a great bachelor(ette) is learning to talk the talk. The shows have always featured some great phrases: “being vulnerable” “trusting the process” “here for the right reasons” “future husband/wife is right here”…. and so on and so forth. One of Kaitlyn’s favorites seems to be for the guys to “put themselves out there.”  A classic line.

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 6.36.17 PM


Then we get to two dudes who couldn’t be more opposite. Jared, the super nice, super genuine guy who has already taken a beating being on the show (literally – he was concussed in a boxing match on the show). He is definitely there for the right reasons, even though I don’t think he is Kaitlyn’s type. Some nice, sweet girl will hopefully end up with Jared after this show. The other individual just showed up and is already the villain, and the center of discussion for Kaitlyn and the other guys. Seedy Nick from Andi’s season. Yes, the guy who sold Andi out about the fantasy suite. Weird, weird guy. But Kaitlyn is seemingly starstruck and invites him to join the process…. Dramaaaaa

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 6.37.04 PM



Another cameo from a previous season also happened with crazy Ashley S (from Kaitlyn’s season, actually). The girl who went nuts on zombies and also talked about pomegranates/onions for way to long to be considered sane. She ended up doing Kaitlyn’s hair in NYC. While doing her hair, she turns out to be pretty insightful and warns Kaitlyn that Nick is terrible and it’s probably only lust. Yes, the hashtag is “lust” not “slut”….

Screenshot 2015-06-09 at 6.37.51 PM


And then they go to the theater. Pretty neat – a competition to get one of the guys to make a quick appearance with Kaitlyn in an actual Broadway show of Aladdin. Pretty awesome. Some of the guys, however, were not so awesome. They tried to teach them a few basic choreographed steps, and also had them sing “A Whole New World” to Kaitlyn to decide the winner. It was entertaining to watch, though perhaps not for the right reasons. Zombie Joe from Kentucky truly lived up to his name, and Josh was nearly as bad. Chris the dentist, however, appeared to be no stranger to the stage. The emphatic gesticulation, the smiling, and the overall acting was not bad, although he was so serious about the whole thing that it turned out to be hilarious.

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Thus ends this week’s episode. With Nick about to enter the lion’s den. But wait! A brief update on Britt (the almost bachelorette) and her Tennessee melody man, Brady. They are super cute, have known each other for like 2 weeks now, and are totally boyfriend and girlfriend. And Brady really loves to wear shirts tied around his waist with his skinny pants. So cute.


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Until next time Bachelorette fans….









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